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London SW- SCHS v Charter academy for 6th form.

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kelly64 Sun 22-Nov-15 17:55:20

Daughter wanted to move from Streatham and Clapham high school to Charter academy. Has anyone had experience with Charter 6th form- what would they say about it? Thanks

batters Mon 23-Nov-15 15:18:01

Hi Kelly64. My daughter did exactly this, as did 2 of her friends, starting Charter Sixth Form in Sep 2014. Overall we are very pleased with the move she made. She left SCHS with great GCSE grades but simply wanted a change of scenery and to be part of a bigger institution. She did really well with her AS results in August and is also set to do well at A level. My dd says the teaching at Charter (which is the main thing) is at least as good as it was at SCHS. She is treated as a young adult, has made friends very quickly, and has not regretted the move. The school worked well at integrating the new students, and the existing students were really welcoming. I was very impressed by the Head of Sixth Form at Charter when we went to the Open Day, and she got to know dd very quickly which was great. She (Head of Sixth Form not dd!) is now on maternity leave, and I haven’t had much to do with the new Head. The interview process at Charter was also well organised and dd was made to feel very welcome, in complete contrast to another local sixth form she applied to (and was turned down).

I feel that one of the negatives is that SCHS would have provided more support re UCAS – dd found it hard to get teachers’ input into her personal statement, and my guess is that this wouldn’t have happened at SCHS. Dd also was promised a mentor in Sept and actually only got one around Feb time – and only then I think because I contacted the school many times about it. Again, fairly certain this wouldn’t have happened at SCHS. She has found it hard sometimes to contact teachers herself – it’s taken several goes – which is good in many ways as she won’t be spoon fed at University either – but can be frustrating.

Dd does work hard – I think this is one of the good habits SCHS instilled in her. If she was more of a coaster, I am not sure the move to Charter would have gone so well, as I think the opportunity is there for students to work less hard than at SCHS without it being picked up, but I may be wrong., this is just my feeling.

Let me know if you need any other info, good luck!

kelly64 Mon 23-Nov-15 15:51:20

Thank you! Your input is really helpful. My daughter is not particularly organised ( although getting better) and has been somewhat of a coster, at least up until this year. I am worried that Charter will not 'push' her academically. I was also concerned that the area Charter is is a bit 'rough' compared to SCHS- have you had any concerns over this?

batters Mon 23-Nov-15 18:00:48

The area Charter is in seems fine - never had any concerns about it at all. It's got good public transport links for dd, with the train station being so near. Dd has never mentioned any problems about that.

With regards to coasting and also being organized - your dd may surprise you over the next few months as I can't see her getting away with it after Xmas at SCHS!

Did you go to Charter's Open Evening, what did you think? Both dd and I could immediately see her there if you see what I mean. Why does your dd want to leave SCHS?

kelly64 Tue 24-Nov-15 08:58:58

Good to hear- dd went to open day with brother- I was away so that shows motivation on her part. She wants to leave SCHS as she feels it is too small and wants a co-ed environment. Your reply have been very helpful and have given me some things to think about. Thanks

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