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School phobia, avoidance advice!

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feeling133 Wed 18-Nov-15 13:24:44

Hi my did is in year 10 and is missing a great deal of school due to social anxiety which has progressed into a phobia. She is now avoiding school and is lucky if she attends 2 days a week, she's has previously been self harming and a year later of me understanding her issues she has now stopped but there have been moments where she has threatened to take her own life. It's a living nightmare watching her like this.
CAMHs are now involved as are counsellors which is great but just needed some parents advice! Has anyone had any experience of removing their child from school for a year and home schooling? Would I be able to re enroll her in year 11 so she can sit her GCSEs? Thanks!

noblegiraffe Wed 18-Nov-15 17:26:05

There's a home education board on MN that would be worth looking at/posting on. There are also a lot of posts about self-harming teenagers on the teenager section. Don't know if you've already read them but I thought I'd mention them!

If you want to take her out of school for a year and then re enroll, you'd need to talk to the school. If you take her out and another student joins the school in her place, there might not be a place for her in Y11. There would also be issues with controlled assessments which her peers would be sitting in Y10 which she would need to catch up with.

feeling133 Thu 19-Nov-15 08:59:51

Thanks for advise noblegiraffe, much appreciated!

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