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To study Year 9 2016 (Boy), Shrewsbury vs Dauntsey vs Christ Hospital vs Bishop Stortford

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jannywsc Mon 16-Nov-15 15:13:10

Which of the school got better help for new student? Which one got more extra-circular activities? Which one got better swim training? Which one got better piano teacher? Which one got better study atmosphere location? Anything about all those schools would be really appreciate.

Temporaryusername8 Mon 16-Nov-15 16:50:08

Out of the four for an all rounder overseas boarder I would be choosing between Shrewsbury and CH (if your DS is happy with the uniform etc). If your DS is a very strong swimmer and would want to have daily sessions with regular coaching ask the schools directly whether that can be accommodated. Music teachers, study, EC activities would be equivalent in both.

jannywsc Tue 17-Nov-15 06:29:33

Temporaryusername8, Thank you very much for your advice above, but please give me more details about why you choose Shrewsbury and CH and not Dauntsey or Bishop Stortford.

LIZS Tue 17-Nov-15 06:48:22

Do you plan to visit any of them or are you relying on an agent come up with a shortlist of schools which still have vacancies for next year? Tbh you aren't comparing like for like and as they cover a geographical spread, few will have had experience of more than one . You really need to look at the stats of day vs full boarding to ensure your dc won't be in the minority. Shrewsbury and CH have a high ratio of boarders. None of them are particularly remarkable for swimming or music. CH is convenient for Gatwick flights. Do you have any friends/relatives to act as a guardian, if so whereabouts do they live.

Temporaryusername8 Tue 17-Nov-15 07:45:12

jannywsc I chose those two for the reasons that LIZS gives and as were discussed in your previous threads. TBH if your DS can get a place at Shrewsbury that would be a very good option despite the journey being longer. Shrewsbury has more experience in pastoral care for overseas boarder. CH is more selective academically BTW. . Actually both schools attract some very good musicians so they will have good piano teachers ( these schools have several not just one).

Ahwoo Tue 17-Nov-15 09:42:45


Has your son sat the exams for these schools yet? I am assuming that your DS has met these schools when they were in Hong Kong last month and your DS has conditional offers already. Congratulations!

I think as another poster mentioned earlier, few on MN will have experience of all of these schools, hence it will be difficult to find anyone who can make reasonable comparisons of the four you mention here.

Just to add my tuppence to the discussion. Shrewsbury would not be a longer journey for your DS as there are direct flights from Hong Kong to Manchester. Shrewsbury is no too far away from Ruthin (another school you looked at in the past).

jannywsc Wed 18-Nov-15 05:39:36

Thank you so much for all of your advice. It is really useful for me, so that I know how to decide once I got all the result by December 2015.

LIZS, I never been to England, but I really like to be there to have a look. Actually, I have find three agents in Hong Kong to give me advice since July 2015, of course I am not only decide by their advice. I have checked online to find more information about those schools and I have discussed with those friends in Hong Kong who are from England as well. We do not have any relatives or guardian in England, therefore I prefer my DS is going to be studied in Boarding School.

Temporaryusername8, Thank you very much for your advice. It was really help and let me more. Thank you so much for taking time to study my threads and discussed with LIZS. You guides are really nice and kind. Thank you.

Ahwoo, Yes, my son has sat for those exam except CH & Bishop. As Bishop's exam would be at the coming Saturday. How's your son's status? Would you pm me? and Let's discuss further.

Hope keep on posting threads to share with all of you. smile

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