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Advantages of secondary schools over middle schools for school appeal?

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SugarPlumTree Sun 15-Nov-15 19:06:55

I need to get DS (year 7) out of his Middle School. Trying to think whether I could make a decent appeal to try a secondary in neighbouring county. Academically he has been done very well but his writing is 'borderline illegible' according to an Ed Psych who saw him this week. Full report is coming but at very least his handwriting speed slow and Ed Psych feels he now needs to use a laptop. Small chance he might be dyslexic.

Would really appreciate anyone's thoughts on this, thanks.

dodobookends Mon 16-Nov-15 00:11:18

Why are you unhappy with the current school?

SugarPlumTree Mon 16-Nov-15 06:38:13

The short version is his class is very disruptive, which is making DS stressed and he is now isolating himself socially. The long version is We had a very bad time with DD who went there before change of Head. She was bullied, ended up in plaster, her files containing medical information were read by other pupils then a big group of boys surrounded her taunting her. These were the worst incidents but there were many others.

We didn't want DS to go but no other spaces so hoped things would improve under new Head. They have to some extent but I don't have faith in him . When one child had his bag cut up by another who is won't leave him alone the Head's attitude was the child whose bag was cut was handling the other boy's attention very maturely and the boy who cut bag is from a good Christian family (church school) .

DS has complained since the start about classroom behaviour. Last year one boy left because of it. At the end of last year another boy left to go to Grammar and a boy came into the class for 'a fresh start' He has a history of picking on DS, a parent who used to work st the school took me to one side to tell me about it although I was already aware of it.

DS has come home 3 times last half term in floods of tears, one time he couldn't speak for half an hour he was crying so much. Class behaviour is getting worse. There were 4 physical fights involving boys from his class in one day. The teacher looked shattered with it all at parents evening, Another friend mentioned the disruption and he didn't really have an answer. DS says he can't concentrate, this boy sits there swearing and isn't pulled up on it. Clearly they have something in place for the boy but in meanwhile his behaviour is kicking off the behaviour of others in what was always a lively class. The Mumof a year 8 boy saud her son had commented on how much the year 7 boys swear.

Another concern is after one melt down DS was trying to explain what he was unhappy about current school and it came through that he doesn't feel safe at school as he did at first school. He has had his face sandpapered by a girl who then threatened to cut his head off in DT, been hit in the face with footballs, tripped on purpose so he banged his head on a cupboard, hit by a cane a couple if times by one boy, pushed over benches.

I have suggested moving class but he says he can't face it and just wants out and I didn't blame him now. He's leaving Scouts as doesn't want to see anyone from school out of school plus making excuses not yo go if invited to anyone's house.

DH and I feel it would now be better for him to have a fresh start at a secondary where he could go right through. We saw DD flourish once she was out of the school and think DS will do the same.

prh47bridge Mon 16-Nov-15 07:25:13

If you have to appeal the appeal panel won't be interested in arguments about the advantages of secondary schools over middle schools. They will want to hear specifically how your son's education will be disadvantaged if he doesn't go to the school for which you are appealing. Your arguments must be about the effect on him, not the effect on pupils of his age generally.

SugarPlumTree Mon 16-Nov-15 10:03:16

Ok thanks. Could I use the fact that hates standing out and being different. He will find the switch to having to use a laptop or Dragon plus needing support vety hard tk deal with, therefore needs now continuous good pastoral support to help him adjust and support him up to his GCSE'S ie. What the school provides as have the same tutor for years 7 to 11?

Plus the fact that offer environmental science GCSE and also geology which with his interest and ability in science he would like the opportunity to do but wouldn't have these options anywhere else ?

I know it's all quite tenuous sad

PerspicaciaTick Mon 16-Nov-15 10:11:54

Have you logged all the bullying with the school? Got documentation showing that they have tried and failed to resolve the problem? If you have, that might help.

SugarPlumTree Mon 16-Nov-15 13:18:23

Most of it has been raised in emails as I learned my lesson after DD about keeping a paper trail.

prh47bridge Mon 16-Nov-15 15:28:04

You may feel they are tenuous but those are good points. I would also spend a lot of time on the bullying and the current school's failure to deal with it.

SugarPlumTree Mon 16-Nov-15 15:42:09

Thank you, that's very helpful smile

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