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CLC and Benenden

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Havingitall Sat 14-Nov-15 09:51:42

Daughter is choosing between these two schools for 13+. No previous experience of private sector. Can anyone help as to the different houses at these two schools as from reading other threads people seem to opine that the choice of house can be almost as important as the choice of School?!

Temporaryusername8 Sat 14-Nov-15 11:04:17

Havingitall you can't choose the junior house at CLC anymore or are you talking about sixth form?
If you equally like both schools go for the one with the easiest journey.
CLC's boarding pupil mix is that of an international school now, it offers IB as well as A level and being town based is a plus for the older girls.

Havingitall Sat 14-Nov-15 11:22:21

No 13+ . Didn't realise you couldn't choose junior boarding house at CLC though. Was a bit concerned about international element, having read threads on here where it was referred to as Hong Kong High, and having visited Roedean which is still 40% international students apparently. Ms Jardine-Young, who I found to be very impressive, told me that the international proportion at CLC is 12%, and said that they work hard to ensure inclusion, so that you don't get "tribes". Daughter torn at mo between Benenden and CLC -having been round six all girls' schools, has narrowed it down to those two at least! Is quite academic, although not stellar, is sporty and arty - extra-curricular v important to her.

sw15mum Sat 14-Nov-15 13:34:13

I went to one of these schools a long time ago and know a few pupils at both now. I THINK that Beneden is a lot more London centric due to its location and pupils head off a lot there at weekends ( by taxi sometimes...) As CLC is a lot further away that happens a lot less so it's a bit less 'sophisticated and monied'. May be completely wrong though and depends what you want for your DD!

34z67y90 Sat 14-Nov-15 13:57:39

I think the 6th formers at Benenden have a lot more freedom to leave at the weekends but lower down the school I think the exeat programme is pretty fixed. I would describe Benenden as more local - lots of girls from the surrounding area, including London - it has become very popular because it is a great school that is doing well.

CLC definitely full boarding but is certainly "sophisticated and monied" - I think the international crowd is certainly A LOT higher than 12%. I would describe it as an international school.

OP - you can't choose a junior house at CLC, as PP have said. Do you want a campus school or a non campus school? Look at your journey too. If you want to go and watch a match, listen to a concert, go out for lunch with your DD, which is more convenient? It matters!!

Temporaryusername8 Sat 14-Nov-15 14:38:34

Yes sorry I missed the 13 years entrance in your OP.
Mrs Jardine-Young is well liked by the girls I hear. However that figure of 12% really does not reflect what can be seen by observing the girls walking around between lessons and from their houses. Perhaps the 12% is of girls whose parents don't have at least one house in the UK wink. They may do their best to prevent cliques but as said by other posters in previous threads this must be very difficult to achieve with the current proportions. However there are advantages to being an international school for girls who are outgoing enough to make the effort to mix. The girls appear pretty sophisticated and as with all of these type of schools include a devoted to partying set.

Havingitall Sat 14-Nov-15 15:02:50

CLC definitely more local - we live an hour away and my office is 45 seconds from the main campus, so for me CLC has edge in terms of Saturday matches, taking DD out for lunch etc. Equally, loved the smaller and campus atmosphere at Beneden - love, love love the idea that DD could go out and train for XCountry any evening and run perfectly safely through acres of beautiful woodland without even leaving the school grounds. But, being a state school alumna myself, am worried am not in best position to judge, and also want to be able to give DD the final say as it is where she will be spending the next five years, not me! On the one hand I appreciate it is a very lucky dilemma to have (my son is profoundly disabled and choice is much more limited), on the other I am getting ridiculously panicky about it. She is a very happy child, and more than anything else, I don't want to compromise that.

Temporaryusername8 Sat 14-Nov-15 15:36:27

You are more likely to be in touch with how happy your DD continues to be if you are close enough to see her easily should you both wish. Benenden would be quite a journey from where you live. Like buying houses there are usually some compromises even with choice so it sounds as though the main one is between distance and campus. Both would give your DD a broad education. Another point in favour of CLC would be the advantage of more local friends to see during the holidays.

Fivechildrenandamenagarie Mon 16-Nov-15 22:34:27

You do get to put forward two names for choice of boarding houses at CLC.
My daughter got one of the two we put forward. We would have been happy with either.
So far we are very happy with CLC. Our DD started in September. 11+
All the houses have a good mix of international students. I don't think it is higher than 12%
We live fairly close but she has decided to board as they have long days.

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