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help me find an affordable high school in us

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vishwashablani Sat 07-Nov-15 12:10:05

I am living in india and i am willing to go to us for grade 11 and stay there till my graduation but i am not able to find an affordable but good high school
So suggest me some high schools,here's what you should consider-
1.the fee per year should be no more than $15000
2.It shoul be in an urban area or maybe an area which has at least 2000 population should be non denominational shouldn't be a public school
5.I am willing to earn by playing piano on the streets so it may have some crowded streets or some attractive places
6.i have already gone through youth initiative high school and have kept it as an last option

Stillunexpected Sat 07-Nov-15 12:52:02

This is a UK site, you need to report your queries on a US site in order to get any answers to your specific questions.

DeepBlueLake Sun 08-Nov-15 08:31:29

OP, you'll have a better chance of posting on the Living Overseas board or even better on an American Education site of some sort.

This board is mainly to do with UK secondary education.

Good luck with your studies.

Mominatrix Sun 08-Nov-15 08:46:19

Depending on how academic you are, Phillips Exeter and Phillips Andover are excellent boarding schools which are needs blind (40% of the student body receive some kind of financial aid) and are among the best schools in the US. Contact them ASAP.


These are difficult to get into, but are superb. Not sure how urban they are, but they are in small towns with populations over 2000.

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