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Central Foundation Boys

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Naughtyb0y Fri 06-Nov-15 13:54:06

This is slightly preconceived, but has anyone else put Central as their 1st choice for 2016? I'm desperately hoping that it's a given as we live fairly close, so my only anxiety is that he will know no-one starting at the same time. I've explained that it's part of the thrill of starting secondary but if i could link him up with anyone else that might want to at least walk in together on day one, it would be a weight off my mind!

Hogiabach Wed 02-Mar-16 12:15:11

Did your son secure a place? Mine didn't and I'm gutted!! Hope yours did!!

Naughtyb0y Fri 04-Mar-16 01:50:00

Yes, mine did. Damn, I'm sorry. But don't lose hope as he is likely to get a place by September. You know, you can ask the school which band result he got which effects the catchment. Admissions there are great and so helpful.
Please keep in touch because mine doesn't know a single other boy starting in September.
Good luck..

Hogiabach Fri 04-Mar-16 06:10:39

Oh well done! I'm sure you're delighted. I certainly will keep in touch. Called the admissions but they had put him on the W/L according to distance but we applied for a place because of Special educational needs which is higher up than distance category but they don't accept as he doesn't have a hmm statment

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