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For current Year 11s who want to take a STEM/Engineering route in 6th form

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bruffin Thu 29-Oct-15 17:03:31

Arkwright Scholarship opens in November
It is a small scholarship for 6th form for budding engineers/designers

lexcat Sat 31-Oct-15 13:34:23

Or if been in state school for all their education and looking to do physics Ogden Trust up to full scholarships. DD Y10 is looking to go down this route.

BarkisIsWilling Tue 03-Nov-15 19:10:55

Thanks both. Will have a look for my dc.

purpledasies Wed 04-Nov-15 15:11:56

Thanks - will show that to my DS

purpledasies Wed 04-Nov-15 15:18:59

Have you applied for it bruffin? I've just had a look and it looks as if the school has to register, and pay PS37 for each person they enter. I'm not sure I can see DS's school doing that.

bruffin Wed 04-Nov-15 16:28:49

My ds won a scholarship 4 years ago. The £600 paid for him to go to Cern and a few other bits, and the school gets £400 over two years (i think). . When he got through to the 2nd round he had a lovely day at Imperial, then the award ceremony was at the IET building in London, but there are a couple of other award ceremonies further away.
They also paid for a Headstart course at Imperial in year 12. He has thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.
He also had a trip down the national grid tunnels and met a few leaders in the nuclear industry. There was also an opportunity to go to Mexico but he didnt take that up.
DS school is a normal comp and been enrolled for a few years. The year ds was entered they only entered one other who didnt get through to the second round.
DS is now at Surrey studying Mechanical Engineering.

purpledasies Wed 04-Nov-15 16:37:50

That all sounds fantastic, bruffin - well done to your dS! Did you hear about it through your school? I'm just a bit unsure how the school would react if I raised it to them - it's also a normal comprehensive. But I suppose I've nothing to lose by trying.

bruffin Wed 04-Nov-15 16:49:41

The school had been involved in the scheme for a few years before and I think they had one previous successful scholar in DS time there. They approached ds and asked if he wanted to do it.
From what I can remember the first round was a 3 hour exam which was solving problem/designing. DS had to design a bubblemaking machine for a nursery and come up with 3 different methods for clearing snow. Its to see how their mind works rather than knowledge. The next round is an interview and they have to present a personal project. DS was interested in sound engineering at the time so he designed a sound system for his room, although i think most dc present school projects.

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