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St Ambrose College or Urmston Grammar

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chocolatecosmos Wed 28-Oct-15 22:53:14

We can't make our mind up. Ds was set on Ambrose then announced this morning that he wanted Urmston. I had also found the decision difficult but, following his lead, had settled on Ambrose. We live close ( walking distance) to Urmston but like the Catholic ethos of Ambrose ( DS is currently at a catholic primary). The Ambrose bus stop is 2 mins away but the disadvantage is time spent on the bus. He is high priority admission for both schools.

I am just interested if anyone has direct experience of either school. We are interested in academics but also social and extra curricular opportunities. He is an all rounder but particularly strong in maths. For some reason we didn't get a great impression at the Urmston open day but I'm not sure if this is enough of a reason to choose the school that involves travel (Ambrose) Any knowledge of either school would be helpful and much appreciated. We are down to the wire!

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