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labelling sets

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ScentedJasmine Wed 28-Oct-15 16:04:18

I have chosen secondary for my ds and application in so this is just a curious query from a 1st time secondary school parent to be.
A school I put as 3rd choice names sets by A*-A, A-b, etc, etc...
It massively put me off. [Not only thing, expensive school trips, hot housey and bit up themselves]. They made a thing about it.
Is this the norm to label so obviously?
In my day it was pretty blatant too- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
Thought would be less so these days.
All new to me!
Thanks for any comments....

noblegiraffe Wed 28-Oct-15 16:12:05

From Y7? confused

That's really weird.

ScentedJasmine Wed 28-Oct-15 16:18:45

Don't think I have got that wrong but will check their website again...

PrincessHairyMclary Wed 28-Oct-15 16:19:10

Sometimes the numbers don't reflect the ability of the group and are just used for labelling/time tabling the groups. Although the A* thing seems strange especially since work is graded by numbers now and not letters.

Some of the subjects at the school I work at label with letters for example one of the years are DARWIN (8D, 8A, 8R etc), another year is NEWTON and so on.

titchy Wed 28-Oct-15 16:21:37

Do they actually CALL sets that? So 7 Astar to A? Or do they say 7 set 1 and the expectation is A star to A?

Perfectly normal to call them set 1, set 2 etc by the way. The set 3 kids know they can aim for set 2 and set 2 can aim for set 1. No point calling the sets triangles or starfish at secondary. or primary really given they all know that only clever kids are in circles

ScentedJasmine Wed 28-Oct-15 16:26:03

Just checked governor minutes for Spring this year [so sad am I!] and yes, fairly new system but setting in this way from year 7 in ALL subjects.

titchy Wed 28-Oct-15 16:48:20

Well setting in that way seems fine although year 7s won't get A or A stars and what the equivalent will look like no one knows, but that doesn't mean that's what they're actually calling them. Just what their targets will be.

ScentedJasmine Wed 28-Oct-15 16:53:52

No, that is what they are calling them I am pretty sure....
Will check again.
However, not only thing about the school so feel happy with their number 3 position on my preferences...

ScentedJasmine Wed 28-Oct-15 16:58:41

No definitely named as A*- A etc for pupils, from year 7.
Apparently the intention is for this to be aspirational. Some discussion amongst governors as some didn't feel comfortable with it but got through.

ScentedJasmine Wed 28-Oct-15 17:12:46

Yup, checked some more. Competitiveness seems to be strongly encouraged and this very in your face setting from year 7 seems to be part of school ethos.
A lot of local parents like this approach and desperate to get their children into this school. I am not one of them, as although I want my children to do the very best they can this ethos seems unhealthy and stressful for children, whatever their ability. Don't think my son would flourish but may make him anxious and I don't want that so early on in secondary.

noblegiraffe Wed 28-Oct-15 17:12:53

How aspirational is it for the set called G-F?

ScentedJasmine Wed 28-Oct-15 17:19:26

Well quite noblegiraffe....

OddlyLogical Wed 28-Oct-15 17:30:55

It's really stupid!
What if they have more A grade students than will fit in a set, or not enough Ds to fill a set? Do they put some of the As in the B-C set and the Ds in the E-F set?
Does anyone want to be in the G-U set?
Set by ability (for some subjects) by all means, but not like that.

ScentedJasmine Wed 28-Oct-15 17:43:21

Well sets seem to stop at C groups [getting from gov minutes].
Perhaps anyone not able to get a C is aspiring for a C...
4 groups A/A*, A/B, A-C, C.
Starting from year 7.

ScentedJasmine Wed 28-Oct-15 17:55:03

Got that bit wrong:
A*/A, A*/B, A/C, C.

ScentedJasmine Wed 28-Oct-15 18:27:41

I think it is from year 7 that is getting me.
Setting apparently done from CATS data and KS2 data from primary schools so must happen pretty early in year 7.

jr2116 Thu 04-Feb-16 16:36:45

In my DS school, they set them originally on SATS, then moved as necessary throughout the year. Early in the school, sets are 1,2,3,4.

They then have in GCSE for English Maths and Science the groups named after famous people in that subject. Like my child is in '10Newton' for Science, '10Shakespeare' for English and '10Pythagoras' for Maths.
Does anybody else's school do this?

eyebrowse Thu 04-Feb-16 19:51:26

The thing that you need to find out is whether they are streaming so that the same children stay together for all subjects or whether they are setting separately for each subject. Streaming is fine if you have an allrounder but setting for each subject is better if you have dc who are strong on maths but weak on english (or strong on english but weak on maths)

enderwoman Thu 04-Feb-16 21:12:58

Sets are called A/B/C/D/E here. In practice A and B sets do the same work and perfectly possible to get the top grades in either set.

Setting is for English, Maths and Science. I'm skeptical that a school would set for PE, Art, Music etc and still be able to work out a timetable for everyone.

Leslieknope45 Thu 04-Feb-16 21:15:04

This doesn't make sense anyway because they won't get targets as A*/A

Badbadbunny Fri 05-Feb-16 12:07:37

Does it matter what they're called. You could call the groups by colours, or continents, or tropical fish types, but the kids will still know which group is which. They're not daft.

HPFA Fri 05-Feb-16 12:58:52

Have a Year 7 DD who recently did well in a Maths assessment and was thrilled to tell me she'd been moved to Set 1. However it turned out her new set is 1b and I'm pretty sure from some of the things she's said that it is really in effect a Set 2. I'm completely fine with her being in Set 2 -much better than I expected her to be in for Maths - but found it a bit odd.
However, she does seem pretty keen to make sure she stays in Set 1, I think slightly more than if she'd had the prospect of going from Set 2 to 3. So I guess the school know's what it's about!!

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