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MGS English test

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natasha98 Wed 28-Oct-15 00:58:07

HI, can anyone advice, which criteria is used for MGS English Year 7 test? What are they looking for in answers? Also, can anyone recommend an English tutor, knowing MGS Year 7 test requirements? Many thanks!

HarrietSchulenberg Wed 28-Oct-15 01:15:20

Is MGS Manchester Grammar School? If so they have past papers online.

I don't work at this school but I do work in a very popular state school into which parents take great pains to get their child. I currently work with children in Y7 who were intensively coached 1:1 to get high SATS scores in the (mistaken) belief that this would help them at high school. It does not. Instead they struggle when that 1:1 support is removed.

If you're going down the private tutoring route, be prepared to keep that tutor for many years to come.

natasha98 Wed 28-Oct-15 02:33:40

Harriet, many thanks for your response!! We are currently living in the Philippines and my son goes to the British School here. We are planning to come back to the UK next year, so kids will be taking entrance exams quite soon. My biggest concern, even with past papers available, is that we do not know the criteria against which the comprehension answers are assessed.. Nobody in my current school can help me as they don't do SATs and don't know MGS style... Tutor would be needed just to guide the boy - what to focus on, how to answer particular style of question or any other criteria, applicable to the MGS.. If you could help me online (for a fee of course), if that is a common practice in the UK (I don't know!!!) I would really appreciate. I hope i did not upset you smile

Noteventhebestdrummer Sun 01-Nov-15 08:50:07

This lady can help you, I can recommend her personally.

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