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Setting in Year 7

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HPFA Tue 27-Oct-15 07:19:32

Do Year 7 parents out there know what sets their DCs have been placed in? DD says she doesn't know.I have no reason to know except curiosity - I have seen her English exercise book and she is certainly being challenged! But most people on Mumsnet do seem to know their child's sets so wondered if this was the norm. I won't be asking the tutor however - don't want to go down as pushy mum before the first term is over!

TheSecondOfHerName Tue 27-Oct-15 07:45:15

Mine have just been moved into sets for Maths (other subjects are taught in mixed ability classes). They are told which set they are in and it is obvious from the lesson code on their timetables, e.g. 7M2 for set 2.
There is regular movement between sets; I don't mind which set they are in so long as it is the appropriate one for their ability.

multivac Tue 27-Oct-15 07:47:14

The school our boys will go to doesn't set or stream, at all.

TigerFeat Tue 27-Oct-15 07:49:35

DD seems to know what sets she is in, but I haven't had anything from school to confirm this yet.

DontCallMeBaby Tue 27-Oct-15 08:18:18

DD's school only sets for maths in Yr7. I only know she's in second set cos the homework details online show 7P2 instead of her tutor group, and I confirmed with her tutor (who's now also her maths teacher) at parents evening, just in case they numbered them backwards.

IguanaTail Tue 27-Oct-15 11:21:50

Do ask - there will be a policy.

IguanaTail Tue 27-Oct-15 11:22:04

It's really not pushy - trust me!

schokolade Tue 27-Oct-15 11:52:18

I'd ask too. I don't think it's pushy to be interested in your child's education.

HPFA Tue 27-Oct-15 12:12:58

Many thanks for these helpful replies. She does know she's not in top set maths - but I wouldn't have expected her to be. I'll probably wait for her next tutor evening and ask.

TalkinPease Tue 27-Oct-15 13:18:30

Look on the front of her books : the name of the class will generally make it clear
eg 7X1
is year 7, X band, set 1
or 8Y3
is year 8, band Y, set 3

and remember that being at the top of a set is often better for their heads than being at the bottom of the next one up smile

HSMMaCM Tue 27-Oct-15 13:45:07

Talkin I agree. School offered to move DD up a set for English and I suggested she might be more confident at the top of her set, than the bottom of the next. It fitted in with class sizes and a massive boost to her that she was doing well and made her work harder.

smellylittleorange Tue 27-Oct-15 18:51:25

I emailed the school as Dd helpfully told me the room no's instead of the set numbers. I got a really detailed reply back from Deputy Head explaining what her SATs results were...what the average for the school is , her results for CATs average results for the rest of year etc which was really very helpful. I was very surprised to learn that the average Maths SATs level for her year was a solid 5 .

Marmitelover55 Tue 27-Oct-15 19:23:18

Yes DD2 in year 7 is set for maths, English, science, French and Spanish.

Obs2015 Tue 27-Oct-15 19:28:19

Yes, ds1 is definitely set for maths. I don't know about any other subjects.

ragged Tue 27-Oct-15 20:50:05

Fairly sure they are set firmly at DS school for most things, but DS has no clue where he is set wise. He was always clueless about which set he was in during primary school, too. Probably high in math and medium or unset in the rest.

Can't tell using TIP's system, like DD was in top set history when she was in set 8D.

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