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Richmond 6th forms - too risky to apply?

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MrsSalvoMontalbano Mon 26-Oct-15 08:21:38

A friend with a DC in Y11 at a school in Richmond where schools have all only had sixth forms since 2014 (ie this year is the second intake so her Dc would be in the third year of intake, and has to apply before the first A2 results are known).
The schools with new 6th forms have been cagey about revealing AS results, but some are now publishing. The anxiety for my friend is that her own DC's school has not published, but has heard from very upset parents of first (very small) cohort that results have been terrible with a large number actually failing and having to redo the AS year shock - so obviously hugely disadvantaged - a year old and a year wasted.
There is an open evening after half term, and she intends to go and ask questions, but is very anxious because of the lack of transparent information, and the likelihood of increased competition to get into other Richmond 6th forms is likely to be very great if some are obviously not performing satisfactorily, and maybe those will favour their own Year 11s instead of those coming in from other schools.
Also anxious because the school has very skilful PR and probably has a glossy spin prepared.
Is anyone else in this position or have any advice ore other cities where a batch of new 6th forms has emerged concurrently in the past?

titchy Mon 26-Oct-15 09:27:05

Don't know about Richmond in particular, but don't forget you can apply to more than one sixth form and make a decision once GCSE results are at which point A level results will be out, although the school may not put them on the website if they're poor.

MrsSalvoMontalbano Mon 26-Oct-15 13:03:32

Titchy - thanks, yes this particular school does not put their GCSE results up until the last possible date they can get away with, they have not made public their AS results, for obvious reasons, so I guess the conclusion is just to avoid it.

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