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How are levels/targets/attainment reported for Yr7?

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vindscreenviper Sat 24-Oct-15 19:33:05

DS1 is loving big school, I'm loving that he's loving it, all is good.

But I logged onto the school parental portal for the first time this afternoon and I don't understand what I'm looking at blush
Instead of the old levels 4,5,6 etc they are reporting targets and 'starting point' as letters i.e. starting point = E Yr7 target = D.

I don't want to email school during the holidays and DS1 doesn't know what these mean, I thought that they may be something to do with GCSE grades but I think they are now numbers?

Can any secondary teachers shed light please, I'd be very grateful.

noblegiraffe Sat 24-Oct-15 19:41:32

No, sorry.

The government scrapped levels and didn't replace them with anything. Schools are all expected to do their own thing. What one school does will be different to the school down the road. So no one can help you unless they work at your school.

vindscreenviper Sat 24-Oct-15 20:24:10

Thanks for replying noble I suspected as much, I can't find any info about levels/reporting to parents on the school website, guess I'll just wait until school opens again.
In stark contrast DS2s junior school has sent out a thick document (with appendices) and had a special parents evening all about their new system.
Every thing else about ds1s school is great so I'm sure this will be too once I know what it means grin

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