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Resit Edexcel Maths gcse using home study only?

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Runningtokeepstill Wed 21-Oct-15 15:31:10

Does anyone know if this is possible? I am confused as to syllabus/grading changes etc.

DS got grade C this summer but is considering a re-take to get at least a B (was predicted to get a B). He's had long-term health problems and hasn't been in school much. For various reasons the college course he signed on for isn't right for him and he would like to increase his options for next year, so the B would be needed.

Can he just study at home using free online resources and text books and then book a place at an exam centre? Or is he likely to turn up and find areas of work he's not covered? We're looking for a low cost option if at all possible so don't want to pay out hundreds for a correspondence course.

AnyoneButAndre Wed 21-Oct-15 15:34:11

How are you (and DP if applicable) at maths? I'm sure helpful MNers can point you in the direction of the full syllabus for the relevant board and some past papers and revision books, but it will be much easier if he's got solid competent adults to help him out with problem areas.

DolphinsPlayground Wed 21-Oct-15 15:42:01

Maybe post on the home ed board? They might have some tips, although many use tutors, but not all.

Runningtokeepstill Wed 21-Oct-15 16:41:28

Thanks, Anyone and Dolphin. I think the studying part will be ok as DS1 is currently living at home again and is a whizz at Maths and, more importantly, has agreed to help DS3. DH was also very good at Maths but is sadly deceased and very much missed.

I was worried mainly about the changes in course content, had a quick look online and couldn't get my head around whether the changes apply to dc taking the exam in 2016 or in 2017. I'm currently trying to find lots of other information for DS3, who is having a hard time at the moment, so I'll probably look again when I can calm down and focus more.

TeenAndTween Wed 21-Oct-15 16:59:25

If he retakes this academic year it will be the same syllabus.

Loads of past papers online (with marking schemes) to work through.
Did he get the C on foundation or Higher?
Has he been taught the B grade stuff at all (so just improving on it) or will he need to be learning new stuff from scratch?

Runningtokeepstill Thu 22-Oct-15 09:02:34

Thanks teen, he did Higher and was predicted a B so he will have covered this work. He's having health problems which have made college attendance too difficult so I'll need to pay for other courses for him to study at home. Saving on the Maths will really help.

AtiaoftheJulii Thu 22-Oct-15 11:28:22

Yes, he can do it. Your biggest obstacle might be finding an exam centre - but his old school might be a good option? Loads of past papers available, and there are Edexcel text books and revision books. You could try a tutor for a few sessions if necessary - doesn't have to be every week.

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