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Brentwood School v New Hall

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frightfullyawful Wed 21-Oct-15 14:09:15

DD hasn't done anywhere near as well in the 11+ as we'd hoped so now considering the above two schools. Has anyone any opinions for and against? How hard are the exams and are academic scholarships usually only awarded to children of KEGS and CCHS level?

weekendtaxi Thu 22-Oct-15 10:02:23

SA just joined the 1st year at Brentwood School. Much much better experience than at New Hall. Staff very welcoming and kids polite and genuine at Brentwood. New Hall seemed cold, removed and up themselves. Wanted SA to be in environment that isn't elite/arrogant but gave them best all round education. New Hall nearer but thankfully bus stops close to where we live so no brainer. Brentwood sent past papers in Eng & Maths. SA said it was easier than the 11+ and although they didn't get scholarship there must be several available for the brighter ones as a few friends were offered them. Good luck x

Chewbecca Fri 23-Oct-15 09:24:28

I have friends with children at both, all happy with both the schools, each suits different children though.

Exams are easier than the 11+ but not a walkover, I know children who have not been offered places at both. NH also requires an interview/presentation.

NH is more a 'country' school vsBrentwood being a 'town' school. They do different sport too which affects some decisions. B has CCF. Having looked at both, NH feels more feminine to me and B more masculine.

I know of one child on scholarship at B, he also passed his 11+ with flying colours.

Is your child registered?last year the NH exam was the weekend after the 11+.

mumof3andworklifebalance Mon 26-Oct-15 12:11:36

Depends what your after in terms of school and cost. Know people at both and honestly Brentwood is the better choice hands down for the safest bet if your not sure as it offers SO much more and diversity. It has a cracking female population that is taught in separate classes until sixth form which is ideal and best of both worlds, more schools are doing this now but Brentwood has always been the most progressive towards continual improvement and it's IB is the best around. Yes plenty of boys but I guess ~100boys to 60girls depends on year group as us do have to pass the test and they don't just take you to fill the numbers unless they are capable. So there is a place for every boy and girl to fit into at Brentwood I don't feel any 1 child will not find a place for them by Yr 1 with all the clubs and offers and freedom of choice while keeping the best academic standards and teaching staff as well they are so professional I have found. Don't assume just because it has large grounds and sports that it's only focus it has so many areas of focus on all counts so if your not sure I'd suggest a personal visit to Brentwood as open day is over so go meet the staff and children first hand your will be surprised my yr2 Girl loves it more in yr2 then in yr1 which was great as well it does not get old as it's so big and ever changing for what on offer as they progress and STRESSFREE as well. Hope that helps I think the test is in Jan. PS. I know people who have left NH for same reasons mum said above it is not as diverse and open to all types which is not a real picture of University and workplace life to come, I come to think of B as a mini university.

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