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thank goodness it's nearly half term

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drzeus Tue 20-Oct-15 19:20:32

Today DS2 (year 7) forgot his school bag this morning. He also forgot his door key. He forgot to pick up his food tech after school. Yesterday he forgot his phone.

"At least I didn't forget my phone today", he said as he got out of the car this morning. (Before I tore home to get his bag, for the only time this term!)

......and breathe......

PettsWoodParadise Tue 20-Oct-15 19:27:51

DD has two weeks and a day for half term which started on Friday. Today we were at a theme park and it was deserted, no queues whatsoever. Bliss. back to work for me on Thursday and it will be the heart and soul crushing experience of DD and DH still fast asleep when I leave the house.

ifonly4 Wed 21-Oct-15 10:36:42

It does get easier after the first term. They have so much to think about to start with, I think they can have a brain freeze - I used to regularly take homework in a break times as DD had forgotten it and didn't want detention. In DD's school the teachers have eased up on them a little as they move up the school, ie if they forget something as a one off they work around.

Not sure if all schools do this, but DD can phone home from student reception if she hasn't got her mobile or it's not charged. Doesn't happen very often but it's worth knowing if they have a problem.

dingit Wed 21-Oct-15 11:12:17

I've got ds on half term, and dd not. Dd less than impressed. We are all off to centre parcs next week smile

moosemama Wed 21-Oct-15 12:48:44

One of mine breaks up today, one tomorrow and one Friday and I can't wait. I think we all need some lazy days, but ds2, who started Y7 this year, probably needs it the most, he's exhausted.

He's settled in really well, one ten minute detention when he forgot to put his planner back in his bag after I'd signed it, but other than that has managed his homework etc really well. He's really ready for a break now though and counting the days until Friday. I doubt he will be out of his pj's all weekend.

Me personally, I wish they'd already broken up. Letters, emails , charity days and ParentPay requests for three different schools has added up to a huge amount of admin, not to mention money, this half term.

Think I need to make the most of half-term, as I know the run up to Christmas is always pretty hectic anyway, so I dread to think what it's going to be like with three different schools to contend with. hmm

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