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EOTAS - What to Expect From a LEA Home Tutor ??

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RockinHippy Tue 20-Oct-15 15:56:26

DD (yr8) is currently very ill with an injury & other related symptoms that means she has been unwell enough & unable to be in school since February.

The LEA have finally agreed to providing her with home tutoring for core subjects.

We've met & had lessons with both tutors now & though both are very nice & very capable as far as actual teaching goes, there seems to be a marked difference in organisation & how they approach/allow for DDs quite marked health problems.

I would have thought that as they are teaching sick DCs at home, they would be very understanding of the problems the kids are facing with pain, lack of sleep, medication side effects etc etc, but I'm just not sure that as one of the teachers is absolutely brilliant at this & has really done DD the world of good confidence wise, that I'm expecting too much of the other - iyswim

The problem is the other teacher, who for easy I will call Y, is teaching DD a subject, that though she was previously considered gifted in, odd teaching methods way back early in year 6 have left her confidence in shreds & she is ridiculously hard on her self.

Her confidence is further in tatters because she can't think straight, due to pain etc & just being out of school so long, but she masks low confidence well & can appear confident & mature, but won't speak up for herself where it matters.

Last lesson she had there was an issue with times tables - DD had mastered these way before she was expected to, but I heard the teacher ask her for a times table answer, which DD got wrong - I could hear Y explaining that she needs to know her tables well as it makes it all much easier. I couldn't hear the rest of the conversation & DD sounded okay, so I left it at that point, hoping that DD herself would have explained that she does indeed know her tables.

I spoke with DD about it afterwards & she hadn't spoke up at all & she was upset with herself for mishearing what the teacher had asked for & not being able to think as quickly as she usually can.

Y was giving her lots of praise for the work she did, but didn't make any allowances for her health problems affecting her reasoning ability & didn't ask, just presumed that she didn't know instead. I had already let Y know about DDs confidence issues in the subject.

Now we've seen the other teacher in action, it was very different - this teacher presumed nothing, but always checked with DD whether she really didn't know, or if it was because she was feeling unwell & so couldn't think straight. As at result DD is blooming again smile

In fairness, both are working blindly, as they are waiting on info from her school.

How should this work ??

Am I expecting too much for Y not to just presume that DD can't do something, but be more understanding that she is very ill & therefore maybe just couldn't think straight at that moment & be more like teacher X in approach

Thank you

catslife Wed 21-Oct-15 14:35:19

Personally I think you are expecting a bit too much from teacher Y and need to tell Y that the medication/illness means that your dd isn't able to think as quickly etc.
I have a friend who has done tutoring for children on behalf of the LEA and they are given very little information about the pupils backgrounds and medical confidentiality means that they won't be told a great deal other than that rockinghippy's dd is out of school due to long term illness. Some children my friend taught were missing school due to illness, but others had been permanently excluded from school. Some tutors may have worked in hospital education and therefore have more experience of working with sick children but others could be more used to one-to-one tuition with different types of pupils.
Hope that helps

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