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Has online tutoring worked for you? Have you used Chegg Tutors, or, or WyzAnt?

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HG4CTGM Mon 19-Oct-15 12:42:02

I am looking for good tutors in English, Calculus, and Chemistry for an 11th grader. We have been happy with in-person tutoring before, and have never tried online tutoring, but we are now considering it because it seems online tutoring could be much cheaper and perhaps easier to schedule.

Have you tried online tutoring with Chegg Tutors, or, or WyzAnt? Did it work for you?

Which site would you recommend and what do you like best about it (or why did you pick that over other sites)?

I would be grateful for any advice from other parents of high-school students (or from students themselves) on what has and hasn’t work for you with online tutoring (and about the best site to use).

Thank you in advance for sharing your wisdom on this!

cressetmama Mon 19-Oct-15 13:17:58

We are using MyTutorWeb (UK site) and so far it is proving a success for A level Maths and Physics. One of the tutors on this site was considering moving to First Tutors (because it would pay him better) and knowing that, I had a look but found the site much less easy to navigate and the range of tutors rather too large. HTH!

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