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OFSTED question

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Leavingsosoon Sun 18-Oct-15 17:45:27

This is largely out of interest as I am not sure myself.

A local schools results plummeted a fair bit in 2014, and this was blamed on changes to the curriculum (especially English.) Fair enough, and OFSTED duly visited in spring 2015 and put the school in RI (from 'good') but on the whole it was all very positive and reassuring that 2014 was a one off and tracking indicated things looked far more positive.

But then results absolutely nosedived again in 2015.

Will ofsted return and make a damning judgement or will the RI just stand until they are inspected again ... and how often do schools in RI get inspected?

Thanks smile

admission Sun 18-Oct-15 22:01:03

Under the Ofsted framework that has just started in September 2015, schools that have been judged RI will be inspected within 2 years. They should also receive a monitoring visit, which could well have already happened given the original inspection was in the spring.
If the results have nosedived again in 2015, then the tracking of pupils was not adequate. The probability is that the inspection will be sooner rather than later, my guess would be before the end of this school academic year.

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