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Grey Coat's Language Aptitude Exam

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lfcbgoogle0415 Sat 17-Oct-15 22:31:18

Hello. My daughter was just told that she scored within the 15 spots for the Language Aptitude Exam with Grey Coats School. We never thought we would get a place at this school because we aren't Church of England nor do we live close by (NW London) for distance from the school. We took the exam as a chance. We feel truly lucky that we got a spot, but because we thought we didn't have any chance because they only take 15 out of hundreds of applicants, we didn't ask questions at the Open Day regarding what this means. Can anyone tell me if we put Grey Coats first to take this spot, what does this mean in terms of learning for my daughter? Is she required to specialise in languages at the school? What are the expectations for such a placement? Further, has anyone sent their daughter to Grey Coats and what do they think about the school? Thank you!!!

Blu Sun 18-Oct-15 12:39:47

I know nothing specific about the school, but you can find out a lot by picking through all the documents in the admissions section of the website.

On thing: it says all applicants must fill in and return the Supplementary Information Form and that the deadline for this is 20th October!! The form is available on the website and it needs a passport type photo.

Also, I can't work out whether pupils with language places need to attend the assessment / banding tests in December. The school will tell you.

Were there no instructions in the letter telling you what you need to do next?

You will need to put this school as your first preference on the CAF if you want to take up the place, because under the equal preference system if you put another school as first choice and that school has a place for your dd the LA will allocate that place to you and turn down the Greycoat place on your behalf.

If however there is another school that you actually prefer I guess you can put that first and if that school cannot offer your dd a place she will get offered Greycoat if that is your second choice.

That is how I understand it, anyway.

If you liked what you saw on the Open day, a single sex school will suit your dd, the journey is OK, and you are happy with the CoE nature of the school (attendance at Abbey etc) then what's not to like? She has obviously done extremely well!

Blu Sun 18-Oct-15 12:42:42

It is the Supplementary Information form and the Identification Form that both need to be filled in.

Have a look through everything under admissions on the website!

orangina Sun 18-Oct-15 21:20:43

Well done you! Dd was NOT offered a place, but I did quiz the head of languages on the Open Day. I think they have to do 2 modern languages up to GCSE level and according to a friend in the know, they are treated rather as scholars at the school, ie thought very highly of. I loved the look of Grey Coat Hospital School and would have loved to send dd there. Well done to your dd!

lfcbgoogle0415 Mon 19-Oct-15 14:19:39

Thank you so much orangina for your congrats. We are very proud of her. Thank also for the other posts. Yes we know about the PAN London application and the SIF. I was just wondering what being offered a language spot at the school meant for her studies while there. I just didn't know if she would be limited in electives/activities because she got in through the language spot.

2Girls2Souls Mon 25-Jan-16 19:38:04

She would be learning the same curriculum as all other Girls only Mandarin as extra and compulsory on top of the other 2 languages but nothing else different .
Best Wishes

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