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Lawrence Sheriff/Ashlawn Schools, Rugby

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BellsaRinging Sat 17-Oct-15 19:20:56

Wise Mumsnetters, I am hoping for some advice on the above. Unexpectedly ds has got a mark in the 11+ which means that he might get into one of the above. If we applied then he would be very much on the borderline, and a number of variables mean that he might not get in anyway.
Do any of you have experience of the above schools? It's a bit of an unknown for us, having pretty much settled on a school on the basis ds wouldn't 'pass'! I have to bear in mind that if he did go then he would be at the lower end of the ability, and I am unsure what effect that would have on him.
He is a happy, sociable boy, likes sports, science and english. Not as good at maths. Also is dyslexic, so would need support there. He also has a tendency to be easily distracted and needs strong discipline.
Any views would be appreciated-I would like to know the good and bad. Part of me just says go for it, however, our alternative is good too, and perhaps better suited for ds.

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