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Design (Art/DT) A levels or BTEC - Help Needed

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catslife Tue 13-Oct-15 10:10:01

dd is in Y11 and is interested in taking a creative subject at either A level or level 3? At GCSE she is taking ICT (level 2) and Product design but not Art. She is interested in computer aided design but not keen on continuing PD as much better at the design part than making the products.
Courses she is considering are:
Graphic communication (A level)- we are confused as to whether this counts as an Art of DT subject and whether they would accept DT or not. entry criteria says GCSE Art or other creative subject.
Graphic Design BTEC - looks a good course and tutor seems great but not sure whether would want to do this full time with no other subjects and college reputation rather patchy!
What has happened to DT Graphic Products as this would be the ideal option but cannot find a sixth form or college that offers this subject - does it still exist?

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