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Ludgrove vs Sunningdale

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Mumofthree1976 Thu 08-Oct-15 22:24:49

I posted a similar message on another thread earlier so apologies for not using this thread (I am new to this!).

I would love any thoughts on these two schools from those who are either current/prospective parents or know the schools well. Please do not use this to start a discussion on the usual "boarding vs non boarding" issue as we have thought through this as a family long and hard and the decision to send our DS to a boarding prep is mostly due to his own insistent and also due to various other personal reasons.

My DH went to Ludgrove and is a big fan. I liked Ludgrove but found Sunningdale to be warmer and cosier. DS is keen on Ludgrove too as knows a couple of boys who are currently there. For me, Sunningdale also offers the lovely weekly boarding option to gently ease the boys (and their mums!) into full boarding.

Our DS will be 9+ when he gets there and is kind, sensitive, sporty (albeit B Team) and an avid reader. He was blown away by the facilities at both schools compared to what his current London Prep has to offer and loves the idea of being able to play lots of sport without having to travel far. We also feel that he would not fare well in the highly competitive nightmare of the 11+ system in West London and would be more suited to a gentler country boarding school system.

We need to make our minds up fairly soon so any thoughts, opinions and suggestions on the schools, teachers, heads and parents would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance

Pinkmonkeymagic Tue 10-Nov-15 11:20:12

Hi, We have a son at Sunningdale and are very happy with it. It is a small, friendly and happy school - where all of the boys know each other well, despite being in different years). We did not go down the weekly boarding route but as it is so close to London I go to most of the matches and often take him out to tea on Saturday after a home match. Because it is a small school everyone gets to play in a team and there are lots of matches. We love the fact that they can race off and build dens and are encouraged to play outside (especially as there are no electronics to distract them!). The matrons are fantastic - very caring but also don't take much nonsense!
We have been pleased with our choice as it has suited our son and what we were looking for for him.

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