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Prior's Field Godalming

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Confused687 Thu 08-Oct-15 09:48:01

Any current views? smile

trinity0097 Thu 08-Oct-15 21:04:02

It's been getting harder to get a place recently. Some girls at the school I work at were not offered places initially this year and were on a reserve list. This would never have happened a few years ago.

I would imagine if they can be more choosy now then results will improve longer term.

Grikes Fri 09-Oct-15 13:14:37

My dd attends.

DD is having a great time. Obviously there are problems but they are dealt with very quickly by the pastoral team in boarding. The school is lovely and most of the teachers are very entertaining (note my daughter said most)

Brioche201 Mon 12-Oct-15 14:47:31

sorry to hijack, but how do you pronounce Godalming?

Leeds2 Mon 12-Oct-15 15:13:35

Goddle-ming, I think!

titchy Mon 12-Oct-15 15:18:07

Yes Goddle Ming!

Brioche201 Mon 12-Oct-15 19:34:12

Thank you

MarsTwirl Tue 13-Oct-15 18:32:28

DD was there and now have friends with younger DC still there.
New head has just joined from Caterham which I think will help its academics which were at times patchy - frankly worrying for what parents were paying for as girls coming out with low results and rarely any guidance as to a career except uni (even if that means badly guided towards a low level uni).

We found it was great as they are encouraged to do so many different clubs etc, until we got to Y11/sixth form when we felt DD really needed pushing and hadn't learnt how to work have ambition. She is doing OK now and is a very grounded girl, just didn't feel school instilled the same drive my other, similar ability younger DD, got from another local girls school.The pastoral side is great, all the support you need and more than enough senior level pastoral staff dealing with any little mishap or worry.

It is a very nice school and a lot more forward thinking than other local girls schools. You definitely get more than a state school. Sooo much support there, DD was almost too reliant at times but it did ease off in sixth form. Does mean it is good for learning difficulties. It mixes country setting, traditional girls school with being innovative and modern (topshop vouchers for merits).

We chose it thinking DD didn't suit an academic environment and needed lots of support and it kicked us in the face as we realised she was just turned off education by a poor prep and needed a really motivational environment where it is the norm to work. DD at another girls school was just as supported pastorally but more independent and self-motivated. I don't know if PF filled what we wanted but it did provide a lot of opportunities and, for the right girl and family, it ticks a lot of boxes.

Confused687 Wed 04-Nov-15 14:09:07

any more for any more?

Grikes Mon 16-Nov-15 06:50:39

Just to balance out the arguments we have found that our DD had progressed quite well and is extremely happy at PF.

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