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Opinions on Hackney secondary schools?

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TaperJeanGirl Thu 01-Oct-15 19:12:22

Am currently in the middle of visiting/researching what feels like every school in Hackney, dd1 will start next sept, I have until the end of October to decide....does anyone have any experience of Haggerston, Bridge academy, or Mossbourne Victoria Park? She is unlikely to get into Mossbourne but I loved it, she loved Haggerston, neither of us are sold on Bridge but we are keeping an open mind until we visit next week, any opinions would be welcome!

tethersend Fri 02-Oct-15 21:08:10

I'd choose Haggerston (and probably will in a few years) over the other two. It seems to me to be more child-focused than the others. Friends' children go there and are v happy.

I have had professional dealings with Mossbourne no.1 and have not been impressed- very unsupportive. Mossbourne VP may be different, I don't know. Many lauriston parents are choosing it, I think.

Don't know much about the bridge, but haven't heard great things.

christinarossetti Fri 02-Oct-15 21:47:05

I've got a few friends with children at Bridge.

They don't love it, but they do get free music lessons and are doing well academically.

smee Sat 03-Oct-15 11:59:04

I vote Haggerston too!

TaperJeanGirl Mon 05-Oct-15 10:27:22

Thank you for the replies, I have only just checked back on the thread..
Haggerston is looking likely to stay our number 1 choice, I'm going to visit bridge on weds, I have heard some awful stories of bullying there, but Iid still like to check it out as the music lessons would be great for's a horrible decision to try and make, I will be so glad once the deadline has passed!

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