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Upton court Grammar School open evening

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locationname Mon 28-Sep-15 14:42:00

Is anyone else going? (It's tomorrow night)
Or does anyone have any experience of the school?

I'm going with my DC tomorrow to have a look. From the ofsted report, it looks good. But I don't know anyone who knows much about Upton Court, as we are fairly new to the area.

I have heard Langley Grammar is good. But can be too academic, and DCs can lose site of being children/teens.

locationname Mon 28-Sep-15 18:45:26


WildStallions Tue 29-Sep-15 06:31:43

Langley is very much regarded is better than upton court. Most people who go to upton court didn't get into Langley. Or Herschel.

I'm not sure if Langley is too academic. You have to pass by a long margin to get in (last years cut off was 124) so all the pupils are very academic.

Whereas you only need to pass (111)to get into upton court. It's normally undersubscribed.

But the thing that convinced me was the extra curricular clubs. Look at them for both schools. A world of difference.

locationname Tue 29-Sep-15 14:18:51

Thank you for replying.

Unfortunately Herschel would course problems for us as it to far out of the way when I have other dc school runs to do as well, and I'm not sure what buses would be available for it.

Does your dc go to Langley then?
I had sort of ruled Langley out, because of what I'd heard, that they push them really hard. (not a bad thing)
I think ds would pass high enough to get in in. But he already puts too much pressure on himself and can get quite panicky. So I was looking for a school environment that will suit his ability but without adding extra pressure.

Until this year I'd hadn't heard of Upton court, so I was curious about it. I've had a look for the extra curricula clubs for Upton but haven't found anything, yet. So I'll have a good look this evening when I go.

We have South bucks to look at too. Plus we are near quite a few bus routes for the south bucks schools.

WildStallions Tue 29-Sep-15 15:16:06

You probably haven't heard of Upton Court because it changed it's name. It used to be called Slough Grammar. It changed it's name because it wasn't very popular.....

Here are the extra curricular clubs for Upton Court - They seem to have changed a lot since last time I looked.

And here are the extra curricular clubs for Langley -

If your child gets over 124 they will probably be best off at Langley.

Keepingontop Tue 20-Sep-16 01:47:49

Interesting. Having visited all the schools and seen not only the acadamia and students, not only is education a key for application for my child
But also a larger experience of life experiences. Looking at league tables / Upton is not that far behind Langley. However, having seen a open day and witnessed seniors from Herschel and Langley, largely may deliver better results marginally, but an all round commercial level which is a prerequisite these days seem to be a priority with Herschel. And granted they seem to have dropped in the league tables. A local geography priority is in place this last year. My ideal was Herschel. My child was in fact offered a single sex grammar in Kingston. From general observation - Langley nice balance, Herschel... Was mightily disappointed. On open day, got a little confused and came across some 6th formers and asked for directions, wow is all I can say .... Thank heavens my child doesn't attend this school and aquired one one that is top 3 in the country.. Although Herschel was our first thoughts... And yes, it's disturbing the amount of parents who have singular vision, want will happily ask for help for their kids from knowing parents but offer nothing in return let alone a thank you for aid received. And the south Asian Sri Lankan parents fall into this category. Simple manners. Their are much larger boundaries and when you stalk other parents for help, and no one expects help- just a thank you would not go amiss... These kids will get a good education, but basics are amiss... They will achieve nothing, and will have to work than much harder ...

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