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Only child in taxi

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BearsAndAngels Mon 21-Sep-15 11:59:15

I paid for the school bus for the term only to find it is a taxi which DD is mostly the only person travelling in. Every day it is a different driver (many of who don't speak English), journey is around 12 miles down country lanes (20 mins). DD is in year 7.

Would you be happy with this arrangement?

Contraryish Mon 21-Sep-15 12:00:54

Why would you not be? What alternative would you suggest?

Stylingwax Mon 21-Sep-15 12:13:13

Sounds pretty good to me. Is this related to the earlier post today when someone was concerned about their child having an Indian bus driver? hmm

MythicalKings Mon 21-Sep-15 12:14:36

Sounds fine but if you aren't happy take her yourself.

Stillunexpected Mon 21-Sep-15 12:27:06

What is your specific concern? Are YOU happy with the arrangement - never mind other people? If not, why not?

BearsAndAngels Mon 21-Sep-15 12:32:01

I suppose my concern is that DD hates it as she feels vulnerable (like the taxi could just take her off anywhere and what would she be able to do about it - her words not mine). On a bus there are normally plenty of other people, you have a fairly regular driver and it follows a set route. Although I know on one hand the taxi drivers should be CRB checked (are they? all? does this really mean anything?) and on balance it should be quite safe, I feel she has a valid point.

There are other options but the 'bus' was by far the most convenient. I guess the main other option would be me+DS picking her up, and I would want the school to refund my money if I'm going down that route, hence I was interested to get a reality check to see if I am over re-acting.

myotherusernameisbetter Mon 21-Sep-15 12:34:07

I think if the drivers are doing school transport they all need to be appropriately checked - presumably they have been or you would certainly be in your rights to ask.

Maybe as the school term continues your daughter will start to see that there is a pool of drivers rather than new ones every day so that they will start to feel more familiar.

I think my main concern is that (whether correctly or not) I'd perceive being transported in a bus as a safer option than being in a car on a country road. The feel I get from your post is that you are concerned that they could "disappear" from the country road and attack you daughter though?

myotherusernameisbetter Mon 21-Sep-15 12:37:43

sorry x-posted. I see you've sort of answered what I was typing. If your daughter is anxious about it then you can either allay those fears or accept those as valid concerns you both have and find an alternative solution.

Is there another parent already doing the journey that could take your daughter? Would they sign up for the bus too so that she had some company? How long will it be before your son is ready for high school.

BearsAndAngels Mon 21-Sep-15 12:38:15

Ha ha stylingwax no I hadn't seen that post. I'm not bothered about the ethnicity of the driver! I assume any passenger vehicle driver would have the same checks and driving level requirements. I just don't like the fact that there is not one or two regular drivers and the language issue means she has been taken to the wrong stop before.

HSMMaCM Mon 21-Sep-15 14:44:48

I can see why she feels a bit weird. She'll soon get to know the drivers. I'm guessing there weren't enough people wanting to travel that route to warrant a bus. A taxi will be much easier and more flexible and more likely to do door to door. They might even be flexible for after school activities if she's the only one travelling.

Can she text you when she gets in and out of the taxi so she knows someone is checking she is safe ?

FanDabbyFloozy Tue 22-Sep-15 11:17:24

Can you talk to the car provider and ask if the drivers could be limited to 3, say.

I know of many cases where regular taxi fares insist on one or two drivers.

Brioche201 Wed 23-Sep-15 08:16:04

In reality the taxi driver is just as vulnerable as your dd

Needanadulttotalkto Sat 24-Oct-15 04:22:28

Id not be happy with that. I assume the school uses a Company that CRB checks, but even that isn't totally reliable. She feels vulnerable so why should she have to do it?

There is a DC at my scoop who is in year 1 and is collected alone every day by taxi. Really can't imagine letting my DC do that!

Needanadulttotalkto Sat 24-Oct-15 04:22:45

I meant school!

WishIWasWonderwoman Sat 24-Oct-15 04:52:26

Brioche201 that's rubbish, her DD is in Year 7, in no way is an adult taxi driver just as vulnerable as a little girl.

OP If your DD is feeling vulnerable that is a concern. Perhaps check with the provider if it can be limited to 2 or 3 drivers and if what background checks are performed. Also make sure your DD has a mobile phone and ask her to text when she arrives and leaves school.

amarmai Sat 24-Oct-15 05:13:32

I wd not like my child to be alone in a taxi either op. Background checks are relevant only for time in uk NOT in country of origin = it is relevant that the drivers are immigrants.

minimalist000001 Sat 24-Oct-15 05:15:50

Is the driver crb checked?

iluvnettletea Sat 24-Oct-15 06:05:10

Could you speak to the school and the taxi company to see if they could assign a regular driver?

Choughed Sat 24-Oct-15 06:38:01

Best practice is not to be a lone adult in charge of a child. Can you check the LA's transport policy?

superram Sat 24-Oct-15 06:59:14

My dad is a taxi driver and I have worked in la transport. The drivers have to have dbs it will be cheaper for the la to use taxi instead of bus. At secondary age the la will
Not pay for someone to travel with her but probably would take you if you wanted to act as a passenger assistant (the cab won't take you home. However, my dad's company did a lot of ss work and he took many deaf and asd students. He was always their driver unless he was away and always gave plenty of notice of who would be taking them if he couldn't-this is very doable!

exLtEveDallas Sat 24-Oct-15 07:07:40

We have taxi kids coming to our school. The LA pays them, they have to have enhanced DBS. There are 3 that do the route and they swap around as necessary.

IguanaTail Sat 24-Oct-15 23:25:09

Brioche201 that's rubbish, her DD is in Year 7, in no way is an adult taxi driver just as vulnerable as a little girl.

By that, I think that Brioche probably meant vulnerable as in left open to false accusations. Adults in school do their best not to be in situations whereby they are alone with children due to career-ending false allegations. This is the reason why there is glass put in classroom and office doors, to ensure that there is the maximum amount of visibility for all.

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