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Helping DS settle at new secondary

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WSPU Sun 20-Sep-15 16:15:17

My DS recently started in year 7. Lovely school, but not our local comp as we didn't get a place there. Problem is, almost all his friends did so he is feeling very sad and missing them. He's trying hard and likes the new school but it is a long way away, he knows one person there and they were never close friends, and all his friends who live in our area are at the school we all assumed he'd go to. He is 6th on the waiting list for the other school, but not much hope of a place there before year 8.

We know he'll be fine in time, but wonder if there is anything practical we can do. He sees his old friends a lot as they all live in our area. He enjoys that but it also makes him sad to hear about all the things they get up to together.

Anyone experienced similar?

tippytappywriter Sun 20-Sep-15 20:03:03

My DD is similar but she chose this school. She had no idea what not being with her friends would be like though. She has had a few very sad evenings. I've encouraged her to find a school club she likes to meet like minded people and hang about in the library if she is lonely. We are having to make a special effort for her to meet up with old friends at the weekend. I am sure she will make friends in time and also keep the old friendships that are special ones. It is hard isn't it.

Wolfiefan Sun 20-Sep-15 20:04:21

I would focus on the new school and making friends there. Clubs? Great way to meet people and feel part of the place.

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