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Year 7 CATS tests

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Allaboutthebass Sun 13-Sep-15 20:58:12

DS1 started secondary last week and sat CATS test a couple of days in. He says there were about 8 papers of 8/10 mins length some maths some words and some shape type questions. I know CATS are used to predict GCSE grades and for setting but not much else about them. He mentioned he didn't finish some of the papers as ran out of time. One he missed 1 question, another 2 missed and one 6 missed. This made me panic a bit (inwardly!) as that must have a big impact in his marks? Is this a big deal? He was level 6 and high level 5 in SATS and I guess I am expecting he would be in top sets. Anyone know if not finishing CATS papers is bad or does this happen often and will it dramtically impact his score? I have read online a little about how they are graded but didn't really understand blush

kitnkaboodle Mon 14-Sep-15 08:22:05

I wouldn't worry. In our school they use a combination of SATS results n CAT scores for setting n gcses prediction. But there is fluidity between sets and if after a while a child seems to be in the wrong set, they get moved! It isn't a life sentence.

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