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St Mark's Catholic School Hounslow admissions- CofE applicant

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MrsTruper Mon 07-Sep-15 14:19:50

Anyone know what the chances are of getting in to St Marks under category 5 "other Christian denominations'?

We do have several C of E schools on the 6 preferences list. Just wondering if it is a waste of a preference to name St Marks at all on the list, if it is only Catholics currently getting places.


PatriciaHolm Mon 07-Sep-15 14:53:43

Page 56 here -

shows that 1 person got in under that criteria in 2014. So I would suggest its a very long shot!

MrsTruper Mon 07-Sep-15 17:31:14

Hi Patricia, thank you. I did see that - I believe that data is by preference, not criteria.

Some of the schools in the link you give do show by criteria, but not St Marks for some reason.

prh47bridge Mon 07-Sep-15 18:59:15

The foot of page 57 tells you that they weren't able to admit all applicants from category 2 last year. No-one from categories 3-6 got a place. It is therefore unlikely that your child would be admitted.

MrsTruper Tue 08-Sep-15 09:30:55

Hi prh! Thanks very much for pointing that out. I missed that.

That helps a lot.

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