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Year 7 Starters

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pippistrelle Sun 30-Aug-15 14:18:09

The new uniform is all ready, pens and pencils bought, as many of the practicalities that I can deal with now have been dealt with. So, just a few days to go. Daughter is getting nervous and, to be completely frank, I am a bit too. Not because I don't think she'll be fine but because, well, change can be daunting.

Anyone else at that stage too? Or, if you're already past this phase, how long did it take until you all settled in to a new routine?

(Couldn't spot any other general Year 7 threads, but apologies if there are any others already.)

allwornout0 Sun 30-Aug-15 15:11:24

I'm already feeling a wreck with worry.
My dd is just worried about getting the bus.

pippistrelle Sun 30-Aug-15 15:18:15

Is it a journey she's already familiar with, allworn, or completely new? And does she already have friends making that journey too, or likely to meet some in the first few days?

My dd will be taking the train, and I really hope that she will find buddies in her class making the same journey.

I think it only just occurred to her the other day that I won't be accompanying her and waiting for her in the playground every day. It feels like a big jump, doesn't it?

IguanaTail Sun 30-Aug-15 15:20:49

Relax - they will be totally in the swing of it after a week or so. wink

pippistrelle Sun 30-Aug-15 15:24:49

Thanks Iguana: that's just what I needed to hear!

NewLife4Me Sun 30-Aug-15 15:31:44

I'm worried too, but mine is going to board, so huge changes for us.

Past experience with 2 grown up ds showed them settled towards the end of first term.
This included being on the ball for everything that can take this long for things they aren't used to.
I think finding their way around generally only takes a couple of weeks.
Homework and extra curricular usually within first half term.

YeOldeTrout Sun 30-Aug-15 15:48:32

ho hum, trying to talk positive here. Lucky that DS will have his big sis on the bus. It's the rest of the school day that could go spectacularly wrong.

BadBadPuss Sun 30-Aug-15 15:53:17

Yep, I'm there with the worry.

Emochild Sun 30-Aug-15 15:56:25

Dd2 starts on the 8th -we have everything other than shoes

Her older sister has had a rather turbulent year at the school so i'm more worried than when dd1 started but she's just keen to get into a routine -it's been a long holiday!

GaryBaldy Sun 30-Aug-15 15:57:32

I've one who is just starting Y7 and one who has just finished Y11 - even though I have been through the Secondary thing once already I am still incredibly nervous for DD (different school).

She had a wee meltdown yesterday stressing about friendships etc as all her friends are going to a different school.

Still a few bits of uniform to get as didn't want to get stuff she would outgrow over the summer.

IguanaTail Sun 30-Aug-15 16:09:30

Nothing can go wrong. They will be looked after all day by staff who will escort them round. They won't get lost on their own they will be with their class. The older years will fawn over them and think they're cute. While you're pacing up and down the kitchen they will be meeting new people and having their lunch and learning the ropes. It will all be fine.
Watch about 4 weeks in when the initial shine has gone and they are knackered and someone in their class is annoying them. The first week or so are a walk in the park, don't worry.

pippistrelle Sun 30-Aug-15 16:13:12

Yes, my dd is worried about friends, and about the practicalities of how things work. I'm sure she'll be fine at making new friends, but there are one or two practical things that I haven't been able to work out yet, like how to pay for lunch. But we'll get there, and quickly, I'm sure.

On the less tangible front, it's probably the start of some bigger changes to our family arrangements, and just feels like the end of an era. I can't imagine how I'd feel if she were going to board, NewLife.

YeOldeTrout Sun 30-Aug-15 16:19:46

The first week or so are a walk in the park, don't worry.

yeah, it's not the first week I worry so much about, it's after that.
DS had behaviour & emotional problems thru most of primary, there are lots of reasons why I should expect those problems to all happen again.

DS's school seems to have a half-decent peer-pastoral care system, but DS is the kind of child to stubbornly refuse any peer support. Sooooo....

pippistrelle Sun 30-Aug-15 16:25:23

Fingers crossed that the change to Big School is a positive one for your DS, Trout.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 30-Aug-15 16:38:00

Can I join too? DC1 starts this week...

Obs2015 Sun 30-Aug-15 16:43:26

I tried to reassure ds1 Iguana. He was worried that he hasn't been told what house he is in etc.

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 30-Aug-15 16:44:09

DD moving from juniors to seniors in same school (largely separate) with about third extra coming in to add to them. Quite frankly some of them need taking down a peg or two as they have got a but big for their boots.

NewLife4Me Sun 30-Aug-15 16:45:26

OP, I'm hoping gin will get me through. grin

IguanaTail Sun 30-Aug-15 16:59:30

Obs - neither will any of the others know in that case. It will be fun for him finding out! Frame things positively "ooooh I wonder if any of your new friends will be Arsenal supporters!" "Do you know what, all my best friends are the people I met at secondary. Just think you've got a new best friend just waiting to meet you!"

Reassure him that he's bound to feel slightly anxious but that everyone in his class is new, so they will all be feeling a bit worried. Plus remind him that he's great at dealing with new situations ans you've got every confidence that the first day will go well.

KingscoteStaff Sun 30-Aug-15 17:00:57

I'm sitting here sewing nametapes and worrying. She's blithely singing in the shower!

IguanaTail Sun 30-Aug-15 17:02:44

Fwiw, I'm really excited about meeting my new y7 classes!

IguanaTail Sun 30-Aug-15 17:05:14

Trout - just because primary didn't go to plan doesn't mean secondary will. Cup half full. Come on guys!

Lilaclily Sun 30-Aug-15 17:08:10

I'm also worrying
Think we've got everything
Ds starts Friday
I've got the gin ready !

Lurkedforever1 Sun 30-Aug-15 17:10:00

I'm worried about the fact I'm not worried iyswim? Dd got on fine on the taster day and made new friends, loved the lessons etc and has always found social stuff easy, is naturally organised, it's a brilliant school etc. So I don't really have any particular or logical worries, therefore I'm worried we've tempted fate and it will all go horribly wrong! And it's scary how grown up she looks in the uniform.

Lilaclily Sun 30-Aug-15 17:13:10

I'm worried about the summer slump
I know they'll all be the same but I really don't want ds to start the year feeling behind

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