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A2 Remarks - have you had any back yet

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lalamumto3 Mon 24-Aug-15 10:59:42

Dd is waiting on a French A2 remark, paperwork went in last Monday for a priority remark.

Have any of your dc asked for remarks and if so have you heard back yet?

Abraid2 Mon 24-Aug-15 11:01:15

Asked for an AQA Philosophy remark on 13 August and haven't heard yet.

Abraid2 Mon 24-Aug-15 11:01:38

And that was priority!

GloriaHotcakes Mon 24-Aug-15 11:06:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lalamumto3 Mon 24-Aug-15 11:38:15

Thank goodness we asked for priority, otherwise it could have been weeks. DD is Edexcel.
Hers is the Oral so I presume they have to find the tape and then listen?

Abraid is the remark important for your dc Uni place?

Gloria, I may have to look at TSR, have been trying not too smile

Abraid2 Mon 24-Aug-15 13:11:36

He has already lost the firm place, Bristol. The insurance, Exeter, were grudging about waiting until 31August and couldn't definitely guarantee he'd have a place if the grade went up, so we cut our losses and went for York instead, who'd also originally made him an offer he hadn't accepted, for the exact same grades as Exeter, but who were happy to have him with the results he actually got, ie, one grade down. He almost chose York in the first instance and they were lovely when he spoke to them on results day.

So yes, it could have been really unfortunate, hanging on for the remark, but has worked out well and we visited York at the weekend and he is happy. Still interested to know whether the remark goes up, though...

lalamumto3 Mon 24-Aug-15 13:53:03

Hi so glad to hear he is not dependent on the remark, it would be really tough if he was. My DD is not dependent on the remark either, but feels she should have got a far higher Mark in her French Oral, hence the remark.

Fingers crossed for them both.

Abraid2 Wed 26-Aug-15 07:54:10

Indeed, good luck, lala!

lalamumto3 Wed 26-Aug-15 09:53:49

Thanks so much for good wishes.

DD has asked for a priority remark on her french Oral, still waiting for that. I am not sure how subjective Orals are and so how tight the marking scheme is.

She resat her French As and also took her A2.

The school has asked for copies of the whole classes written AS papers, as all had their marks go down from last year (except my DD, who got a lower Mark last year, so could still be lower than should have been), apparently this has never happened before and seems rather strange.

She also asked for a photocopy of her written papers As and A2 so that she could look at them with her teachers, papers came back yesterday, so took 7 days, just in case anyone else is also waiting.

She is 6 ums off the A, so will need to pick up a couple of marks.

She is very aware that marks can go both up and down, so is waiting for remarks to come back, before she does anything else.

However she knows that she is very lucky as her Uni place is not dependent on the remark. I hate to think of the stress of waiting if it was.

Abraid2 Fri 28-Aug-15 13:34:41

Ours came back today, 8 UMS points up!

Sadly still just one UMS off an A for the A level as a whole, but at least he know he didn't screw up.

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