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Ipswich school or CRGS for sixth form

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itwillbebetter Tue 18-Aug-15 15:32:38

For DS1 who is looking primarily at A level physics, chemistry and maths. He is self motivated although likes others to 'bounce' off. Not sporty or musical at all although has a passion for photography.
He struggles with friendships so I'm worried about sending him to a school where friendship groups are already formed. So may consider Colchester 6th form for this reason. Any thoughts or other suggestions appreciated!

justicewomen Tue 18-Aug-15 21:38:13

I know both schools- excellent but different. Both attract plenty of new young people to sixth form.

CRGS attracts some of the most academic young people in the region and entrance is very competitive. It may be daunting for a less confident student, but it does give very able and self motivated contemporaries to study with. A great advantage is that it is free, but the facilities in part are a bit tired.

Ipswich School is very supportive, with some really good teachers and excellent facilities. There are some good scholarships and bursaries but most still pay significant fees. Ipswich School offers excellent extra curricula and enrichment opportunities; whilst your son does not like music or sport, the art department and the ability to do additional subjects like film studies or finance is also great.

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