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6th form choices - are these schools good?

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isittoomuchtoaskforsleep15 Sat 15-Aug-15 23:34:32

DD is about to start year 11 and wants to move schools for 6th form. She has a friend from a school that doesn't achieve well at A levels and they are thinking about moving schools together. DD is academic and is likely to achieve only As and A*s apart from for additional maths.
The schools on the girls' list currently are
Channing, city girls, St Pauls, NLCS, Habs, Godolphin + Latymer, HB and South Hampstead.
Does anyone have opinions on these schools? Or any other suggestions?

Needmoresleep Sun 16-Aug-15 02:53:48

Or co-ed. Westminster is probably the first choice sixth for for most. Latymer Upper is probably better than those in your list for either science (all those boys!) or art/drama/photography. Also Highgate.

Worth considering what you want. Eg City is very academic but the year group is surprisingly small. Also at how many new places they have at sixth form. More fellow new entrants should make things easier socially. City and SPGS normally lose several to Westminster so will take in several to replace them. Latymer has additional places.

G&L offers IB which suits many generalists.

isittoomuchtoaskforsleep15 Sun 16-Aug-15 09:22:00

DD doesn't want co-ed by her friend would prefer co-ed as she has been at a girls school since year 7.
Does Westminster still have school on a Saturday?
Highgate, LU weren't appealing to either girls.
I think the girls want to take A levels.... - Don't a lot of schools also offer IB though?

Needmoresleep Sun 16-Aug-15 09:38:30

Not too many offer IB. G&L gives you a choice of IB or A levels. Makes it popular with Americans and Europeans who are not used to our quite specialist system.

Westminster has Saturday school. The advantage though is that all girls are new. However it is very competitive and it can be difficult to predict who they will take. I some very very clever girls are rejected whilst others, perhaps with a flair for their subject, are accepted.

isittoomuchtoaskforsleep15 Sun 16-Aug-15 12:57:52

Saturday school is a problem... We're Jewish so that would be a problem...

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