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BTEC course cut after one year. What can dd do now?!

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Whattodoandwhy Fri 14-Aug-15 08:59:48

Dd has been doing a BTEC level 3 for her first year of sixth form. They have recently cut a load of courses due to lack of funding sad

The BTECs they now offer are completely different, and she's decided on one that in all honesty, I think she'll probably hate (the first was outdoorsy, this one is desk-based).

Out of the blue, having been really enthusiastic about looking for an apprenticeship at the end of it, she's now decided she wants to go to university. Not to study anything in particular, just for the party lifestyle (her words) hmm

Pre A Levels we had the big conversation about uni versus everything else. I wanted her to go for uni, but now? What chance does she have?

I'm not convinced the college she's at is telling me the truth about the BTECs either.

Does it really work as 1.5 BTEC Level 3 is a stand alone qualification? Or is it downgraded? If she has two 1.5 BTECs at level 3, is that still equivalent to one level 3 points-wise?

I'm very concerned. Dd is painfully lazy, but bright. She literally sat down with her tutor and did the bare minimum to scrape a merit this year.

There's no way she would be working at uni standards. She started on A Levels and switched because it was too much work. I told her that if she was considering uni, she would need to be working towards distinctions. She hasn't.

Any advice on where to look? I would support her 100% if she came to me with a uni course that empassioned her. But she won't even look online to see what courses she could do.

Millymollymama Fri 14-Aug-15 09:51:27

I am confused: she has no BTEC at an A level equivalent or A levels - so how is she qualified to go to university? She sounds very, very immature and not able to study with input from a tutor or you. Most people have to work to get into a university course and work at university. I might be tempted to tell her to get a job with a training element. What did her GCSE results look like? I think if she does not have the maturity to study and think university is party time, she needs to get out into the real world. She has to learn how to study even though you say she is bright.

I am sure others will have up to date info on the merits of 2 x BTECs but surely one year of study in one BTEC subject is not good enough for university when other people are doing 3 or 4 A levels over 2 years.

Millymollymama Fri 14-Aug-15 09:52:59

without the input - that should have read.

LIZS Fri 14-Aug-15 09:55:27

She probably would be eligible for a level 2 award , may be with a few extra units. Can she transfer to another college offering the same course or consider alternatives like Public Services which are quite active. I don't think she could go to uni as it stands.

Whattodoandwhy Fri 14-Aug-15 10:02:42

Exactly my feelings Milly. She has 5 Cs at GCSE (including maths and English) and a smattering of Ds and an E.

There are no colleges that offer the same BTEC in the county. It would involve her moving away to carry on (probably a min of 2 hours away), and she's not mature enough for that either.

I think she's being utterly unrealistic. She is very practical. Works hard at he practical things and can be really motivated when not at a desk. Which to me means Uni is not the right fit for her.

Thanks to funding cuts there are very few options around here sad which is sadly not at all her fault. She was really enjoying the BTEC she was doing. I am very angry at the college (and government) for ruining that for her.

cricketballs Fri 14-Aug-15 10:02:50

when she started she would have been entered for the Ext Dip (if she was doing this BTEC full time); BTEC entries can be changed up and down at any point to the different qualifications at the same level (free for centres to move down, they get charged for moving them up!).

Therefore it sounds like she completed the required units to be eligible to claim the 90 Credit Dip at Level 3

Whattodoandwhy Fri 14-Aug-15 10:04:21

Cricket, that sounds in line with what the college are telling me. I'd hate to think her work so far at a higher level would be downgraded overall.

RainbowRoses Fri 14-Aug-15 10:07:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Whattodoandwhy Fri 14-Aug-15 10:11:07

I think she would flourish in an apprenticeship. I really do.

Millymollymama Fri 14-Aug-15 10:16:32

Her GCSEs don't scream university student do they? Honestly, try and find work with training because she is not at university level. Also, she can work up to higher level qualifications. Not everyone goes to university or studies to degree level. What out-doors type of work might she be interested in?

RainbowRoses Fri 14-Aug-15 10:16:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RainbowRoses Fri 14-Aug-15 10:17:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Whattodoandwhy Fri 14-Aug-15 10:26:46

She's interested in conservation work and has experience volunteering in this sector. Likes doing practical things. She certainly has an artistic side too, and was interested in cabinet making for a while, which i think would be perfect for her too. She's very good at working with the public (as long as it's not her mother grin ) .

She hates writing essays (which in itself screams "I would hate uni!").

There was an amazing apprenticeship advertised locally with the forestry commission, paying £15000 a year (!)

She wouldn't even read the blurb! Although I do accept that she wants to finish her second year before moving on (even though she's lost her course she loves).

I think it may come down to letting her apply, looking at the courses she can get on, and potentially suffering a lot of rejection.

We have similar family members who waited and went to uni in their mid 20s. They weren't ready before, but going when they were meant they almost invariably ended up with 1sts.

I've tried the "you want to spend £50,000" so you can go out drinking? She actually said, "yeah but I won't have to repay it anyway if I don't get a good job so it's win-win".

Maybe she'll mature this year. I can only hope. She believes she is a lot more mature than she is. I'm trying to gently guide. I've asked her to come to me with courses she's interested in, that accept BTECs, and all I get is "I'll do it when college restarts, I'm taking the summer off".

muminhants1 Fri 14-Aug-15 10:29:04

If she's practical it sounds like she'd really do well in an apprenticeship - and quite possibly earn a lot more money than she would if she went to uni and got a rubbish degree. She might well be able to upgrade to a degree when she's older anyway - from what you say she could be academic if she worked at it, but isn't really that interested in putting the effort in. When she's 25/45/65 it might be different.

Whattodoandwhy Fri 14-Aug-15 10:43:40

That's exactly it.

Whattodoandwhy Fri 14-Aug-15 10:43:57

Now how do I get her to come to that conclusion grin

PandaMummyofOne Fri 14-Aug-15 11:06:32

Also public services is not as active as people think. I've only spent 8 years trying to get that message across. wink

Millymollymama Fri 14-Aug-15 13:11:19

Use the search engine in WhatUni to see what her qualifications might get her onto. I think even 2 x Merit won't give much! Show that to her and then look for something she can do! There are practical courses which may be a much better bet or maybe a foundation course.

Whattodoandwhy Fri 14-Aug-15 13:47:49

Thanks Milly, had no idea where to start to look for Unis! Didn't fancy going to each and every website grin

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