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Maidenhead to Slough Grammar schools

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Mbpk Wed 12-Aug-15 12:07:16

Hi All

We are moving to Maidenhead from India. Our 12 year old son has got opportunity to write in year test for year-8 in Slough Grammar schools.
We have few questions:
1. If he clears the test, is the admission guaranteed?
2. After how many days do we get the results post in-year exams?
3. Is there a school bus or car share possible from Maidenhead?

thanks in advance

QueenOfNothing Wed 12-Aug-15 20:57:54

I think if he passes the test he'll get a place at upton court grammar (which used to be called Slough grammar) because I think that'll be the only one of the 4 grammars with places.

If you look on the school site it make tell you about transport.

YetAnotherUserName Thu 13-Aug-15 10:07:26

I'm not 100% up to date on the Slough grammars, but 1) there may be other kids sitting the test, so even if your son "passes" it may still be the highest scores that get the vacancies. Also, I know there is a catchment for the Slough schools, are you sure that your new a Maidenhead address falls within catchment?

As Queen says, the school will be able to tell you about transport, also about when you receive results.

QueenOfNothing Thu 13-Aug-15 10:23:31

I don't think there'll be that many other people sitting for Y8. It's not like bucks. I think you can only sit if you didn't sit the 11+ already.

And I think there are quite a few places in upton court in Y8. Enough to not worry about someone else sitting.

Catchment doesn't matter. If there's a place and he passes the test they have to give it to him.

And the test is designed so that 30% pass. So it's not particularly hard. Particularly if you're good at maths and quick. And id expect someone coming from the Indian education system to be easily capable of doing well in the maths part which counts for a lot.

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