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Small class sizes for secondary school, good or bad ?

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Caro1010 Mon 10-Aug-15 11:36:44

We are moving to another country and our kids will be going to an International school, there are several in the area.

Our eldest has learning issues, she really struggles academically and gets amazing learning support in her current school, which really helps her be somewhat successful.

One of the schools we really like is a very new school, amazing facilities, are saying all the right things about learning support, however because it is a new school the class sizes in secondary are really small, at the moment only 8 kids enrolled for her year. (Grade 7, she is 12)

One perspective is the small class size, would be very positive for her academically however I really worry about the social aspect of having such a small class.

The other more established International school has class sizes of around 20, but they are not being so 'open' about the possibility of accepting her, basically they will decide after she does the entrance assessment and interview (which will be a disaster for her I am sure).

Our current school will do a report for her, we have Ed Psych and Language assessment's from 18 months ago.

All these will give a better idea of her needs, more than an entrance test.

Any thoughts on the small class sizes ? and the idea that the new school looking for pupils may just be saying what we want to hear.

Millymollymama Mon 10-Aug-15 15:54:24

8 children is very, very small. I cannot see how this can be economically viable to teach the variety of subjects you would expect to be taught here, never mind friendships. I would run a mile. Unless you really have to go, it seems a pity to disrupt what she has here, especially as she has done so well. Is she wanting to leave? Lots of children are very against changes in friendship groups and those with learning issues may find it more difficult than others.

In a new school with a very small class one would expect them to say they will cater for her needs, but this is expensive. Is it a SEN school specifically? How is the school resourced to meet her needs? There is no track record so you have no idea what you are going into. Not for me. Sorry, I dont sound very helpful but I just would not do this. DH would be going on his own.

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