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Year 10 options

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CL04 Sun 09-Aug-15 20:55:15

Help I need some advice from other parents in same situation. I can't find any help on how to appeal. My child choose his subjects to study in year 10 but was not given his first choice. He is now stuck with cookery instead of business studies. Which is what he wants as a career. He didn't receive the letter until the first day of the holidays and of course the teachers aren't in. I've rang the school each week and the office have emailed the teacher but she hasn't rang me back. How do I appeal the schools choice of subject? My son is good at his subjects. He goes to school, he isn't disruptive and the teachers like him! I'm getting worried as September is getting closer!

noblegiraffe Sun 09-Aug-15 21:16:11

The teacher is very unlikely to phone you during their holiday, and this sort of thing probably wouldn't be sorted till September anyway, so you may as well stop fretting till then.

Different schools will have different rules on options, was there any information about possibly not getting your first choice in the stuff you were sent?

I'm not sure what career would require business studies gcse. You could investigate whether to study business studies at A-level requires GCSE at sixth form and use that as your argument if it does.

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