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itwillbebetter Mon 03-Aug-15 15:32:46

I'm looking for private tutors for both French & Maths to give DS1 a boost into year 11.
I've spent all afternoon going round in circles online only to find tutors that only travel 3 miles or are unqualified. I really want someone who knows their stuff, knows the exam system and will travel! I think I would prefer someone with teaching experience?

I don't expect this to come cheap and am happy to pay decent money but I am scared of confusing what DS has already been taught so need someone who is aware of the syllabus, if that makes sense? I am Essex/Suffolk borders. Any recommendations please?

derektheladyhamster Mon 03-Aug-15 15:34:56

I contacted ds's teacher who put me in touch with another teacher in the school who tutored. Has the advantage that they can liase easily

Happy36 Mon 03-Aug-15 17:36:30

Contact the school or a teacher at the school. There are likely to be teachers who are happy to do some tutoring for extra cash. If not, ask other teachers you know and ask them to ask their colleagues.

AtiaoftheJulii Tue 04-Aug-15 08:58:30

Don't necessarily be put off by someone unqualified. I was a successful maths tutor for several years - maths degree but no teaching qualification or classroom experience. Was perfectly able to read the syllabus! Although often had to get students/parents to find out which exam board they were actually using smile

I found another tutor (in a different subject) for a friend by asking heads of subject at local schools whether they had any contacts.

itwillbebetter Tue 04-Aug-15 17:29:36

Thanks for all the input. I really need to find a French teacher ASAP to do some cramming in the holidays. Can't get hold of his teacher to ask so think I'm going to have to use online agency. Has anyone used one of these?

AtiaoftheJulii Tue 04-Aug-15 21:26:25

I used to get a lot of work through The Tutor Pages - tutors pay to advertise, there's generally quite a bit of information about each tutor, and afaik it's free to the client.

MagratGarlik Wed 05-Aug-15 20:11:08

Have you considered online tuition? This may substantially increase the number of potential tutors available to you.

Sometimes parents can be put off the idea of online tuition before trying it, but the advantages are:
1. No travelling for either you, or the tutor, so the costs are often less;
2. Because there is no travel, sessions are not cancelled due to bad weather in winter e.g. snow;
3. The student still talks to the student "live", usually via Skype;
4. Most use some form of online whiteboard which both tutors and students can write on, as though sitting side by side;
5. Online often means more time is dedicated to actual teaching, as there is no time lost with the offering a cup of tea etc etc;
6. Some students enjoy the novelty factor;
7. Session times can often be more flexible;
8. Some tutors may offer recording of sessions, allowing students to revisit the actual tutorial later.

It can certainly be worth thinking about.

TempusTutors Wed 05-Aug-15 21:09:22

I agree with MagratGarlik that you might want to consider online tuition for the French tuition. Online tuition is personal (usually using Skype) and the nature of tutoring online ensures that the tutor is fully engaged and providing the support needed for the individual child. They cannot simply turn up with the latest text book under their arm! Instead, online tutors have to animate the subject and be one step ahead of every session. You can also find extremely high quality tutors online who would not necessarily be able to travel to be with you in person. Some of the best online tutors are Oxbridge and Russell Group graduates who are genuinely enthusiastic about their subject and enjoy inspiring their pupils. It is also fun and dynamic, with the student usually helping to create.

Hope that helps!
Tempus Tutors online team.

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