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School blazers shortening sleeves

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2stixoftwix Wed 22-Jul-15 06:56:58

The new school blazer my daughter has to wear is far too long.

I've watched a few you tube videos but I have to cut the material and I don't want to do this as they will need to be lengthened.

Does any one have any tips. ...
how to roll then up and tak in place. I'm not very handy at this sort of thing.

watfordmummy Wed 22-Jul-15 07:06:21

The way I do it is to pull the lining up on the inside, and hemming the lining.

You then get a flat cuff. Not really describing this very well but I know what I mean. Sorry smile

Seeline Wed 22-Jul-15 08:08:09

I just fold the spare up inside the sleeve until it's the right length, and pin, then turn the sleeve inside out to tack it up. The stitches need to be quite close together to prevent clumsy DC from putting their hands into the fold and pulling all the stitching out so that it has to be redone
It does tend to mark the fabric on the outside though so that when oyu let it down again, it is fairly obvious.

starfish4 Wed 22-Jul-15 10:24:24

I do the same as Seeline, but I check as I go along that I'm not going through the fabric on the other side, ie the stitches don't show. The cuff might look a bit bulky to start with, but does settle down - I normally have to turn up approx. 2-3".

FadedRed Wed 22-Jul-15 10:38:35

WhatWatfordmummy says. Turn sleeve inside out and pull up the cuff to the length you want the sleeve then sew the lining all around and stitch the lining flap to the lining. This way you don't have a double layer of fabric at the cuff, and no stitching around the cuff to get caught when putting on or taking the jacket off, and no stitching can be seen on outside of sleeve. To let down the cuff then you just undo the lining stitches and again no evidence of stitching or holes in the fabric seen on exterior of the sleeve. However, you will get a visible line when you let the sleeve down, whatever method you use.

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