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George Abbot - Has the new head changed things? Is it still good?

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mumdroid Tue 21-Jul-15 13:37:19

I live in Guildford and cant make my mind up between George Abbot, St Peters or County. I think GA is my preference - does anyone have a child there who can comment on whether the new head is doing a good job or not, and whether they would recommend the school? I'm a nervous wreck about which school to choose - having had such a bad secondary education myself. Thankyou!

Namehanger Tue 21-Jul-15 17:48:37

Gosh good luck. This year all the schools have been totally over subscribed.

Can't imagine you will have a choice unless some special need, Catholic for St Peters or sibling rule.

Don't have a child at GA but know loads of friends with children at all three. Not perfect but these schools have high expectations, good staff and loads of smart kids.

suitcaseofdreams Tue 21-Jul-15 18:51:40

All are good schools. Can't comment on new head but would echo previous comment - I can't see how you would have a choice as all are heavily over subscribed and it will come down to where you live....

mummytime Fri 24-Jul-15 03:57:02

Unlikely to get into St Peter's unless Catholic. Have known some people in the town centre get neither County or GA.

School is fine. She was a deputy head for years. Has clamped down a bit which irritated year 11. Not as Charismatic as Mr Maloney. But you have to live in the right place to get in (or have a visual impairment).

mumdroid Wed 29-Jul-15 13:12:12

Thank-you everyone! Am doing quite well on all the waiting lists due to where we live which is a blessing - hence my indecision! Cant believe Im wavering so much.

inthename Wed 29-Jul-15 16:38:07

what year is your child going into? I'll admit to being slightly confused, If you're on waiting lists it will be whichever school happens to have a place when your child is at the top of the list surely? Have you got a school place for September or are you having to go to appeal (sorry, your post isn't clear, but it doesn't sound like a normal entry into year 7)

commonsense12345 Fri 04-Nov-16 00:59:26

Avoid George Abbot - uncaring, bullying leadership only interested in results - your child will be unhappy and stressed there - choose a smaller, friendlier school.

mummytime Sat 05-Nov-16 15:46:51

Commonsense- not my experience at all! When did your DC start the school?
This is an old thread and the Head has changed again. Not much has changed for my remaining child there.
Bullying has always been dealt with well in my experience.
Faults I have observed: last Head was a bit over strict on year 11,
a subtle assumption that SEN becomes less of a problem for students as they get older,
some teachers and department better than others.

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