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Has your pre-Year13 done any school work yet this summer?

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Matteus21 Mon 20-Jul-15 09:30:34

Just want to get a feel on whether I should be nagging yet or not!
Since the end of the school term, DD's done her part time job (1.5 days a week,) joined a local French club (one afternoon a week), been on 5 Uni OPen days, and a long weekend away with a friend.
Apart from that, she's not done anything and hasn't touched a school book. She says she has two essays to do, as well as 3 novels to read before September. She will be going on holiday for 3 weeks (with extended family), back for a few days before another long weekend away at a festival. I've said she should get her work done before she goes on holiday and she says Yes i will dont worry - but no sign of it being done.
Should I put my foot down and make her do the work? Or leave her to it, because she's 17 and should be sorting herself out?
What do you think?

LIZS Mon 20-Jul-15 09:35:46

Opened a book or two and is completing an online history course.

Needmoresleep Mon 20-Jul-15 09:57:16

None. However she is jumping some of the medical school hurdles: volunteering, shadowing, UKCAT. Next year will be tough. I would almost prefer for her to have the summer doing non school things.

senua Mon 20-Jul-15 11:25:09

she's 17 and should be sorting herself out?

Remove the cotton wool and let her make her own mistakes live her own life.

homebythesea Mon 20-Jul-15 12:17:47

None. None has been set AFAIK. Even if it had its none of my business really.

What does need to be done is reading around his proposed subject for Uni so he can fluff up his UCAS statement (v thin otherwise grin ). He is quite motivated to do that as the school put the fear of bejesus up them

Happy36 Mon 20-Jul-15 14:43:29

I am an English teacher and have asked my Year 12 to 13 s to read a non-fiction book over the holiday (I have given them one, but they can substitute it for another, if they wish) as well as various non-fiction extracts of their choice (e.g. news articles, and I've bunged a load of different examples in their Google Drive folder) and as much fiction as they wish, plus to write a log of what they read.

Luckily, we had a few "A2 launch" lessons after their AS exams. so they got underway with the holiday reading then and will, I hope, feel compelled to continue over the summer.

Really it's most important that reading is done over the summer for subjects like English, History, as it is arduous to try and catch it up during term time. Also in Languages it's good to keep up fluency with apps like DuoLingo or websites like plus reading/listening/watching.

Lastly, if your daughter plans to apply to uni. next term, this is a great time to be researching universities and courses as well as doing reading/documentary watching, etc. outside of her A Level subjects.

This sounds like a lot! Sorry...that wasn't the intention. They need to relax after their exams. and have fun too.

Dunlurking Mon 20-Jul-15 16:33:30

I splurged on 2 history books for ds and found 2 books on personal statements in the library. I know he's finished a first draft of the PS. I think he will have a rest now though before starting any reading. He has a holiday job and a 3 week stint performing in something at the Edinburgh fringe (which will be of no relevance to his uni course/application!) so I'm not expecting great things. I have no idea whether he has essays! Think they will get done the first week of september, if we are lucky.

Lucycat Mon 20-Jul-15 16:37:57

We haven't finished for the summer holidays yet - and I expect that my year 12 students will leave most of their work until after results day!

Essexmum69 Mon 20-Jul-15 17:08:08

Mine is still at school and had plenty of homework this weekend as well as UCAS draft statements to write. He finishes tomorrow and I doubt will do anything for a couple of weeks.

BrendaBlackhead Mon 20-Jul-15 17:59:07

Ah, this is a relief. Ds has done sod all. Some of his friends are beavering away doing improving activities. His friend with Cambridge intentions doesn't have a spare second he's on so many courses/shadowings/DofE things.

It reminds me of summer holidays between L6 and U6. In every photo of that summer you can play spot The Mill on the Floss with the bookmark barely moving on than a millimetre at a time. It's on the beach, by the river, in the garden... That flippin' book ruined my summer holidays.

eatyourveg Mon 20-Jul-15 19:30:44

ds finished at the end of June and has not done anything more than the open days and his pizza express job which has sometimes been 4 or 5 shifts a week. He looked at a 2 day course coming up at Reading uni which would be lovely for his ps and useful prep but the logistics are tricky and it costs an arm and a leg so he's decided against it. He briefly mentioned getting the mammoth spreadsheet out for a post open day cull but nothing so far.

I'm happy for him to chill - go running, play football and mope around the house texting his mates. Plenty of time left for books.

Rosieposy4 Mon 20-Jul-15 20:16:46

Mine has done some physics, mostly been camping, chilling with his pals, and is currently away again!

Broadchurch Mon 20-Jul-15 22:09:09

Well, term hasn't ended yet.

bruffin Tue 21-Jul-15 11:06:34

Term only ended on Friday and some schools not until tomorrow. DD needs a break so I wont expect her do anything other than get her work back to one of her teachers.

MadamArcatiAgain Tue 21-Jul-15 20:56:36

Ds2 has gone to a (free) summer school on theoretical physics this week.Not for uni aplication but because that is what floats his boat, and is doing the 'Experience Cambridge' maths project next week.he has already done drafts of PS , so I feel he is quite ahead of the game.

hellsbells99 Fri 24-Jul-15 07:35:54

DD only finished on Friday and has some catching up to do as she missed 4 days for a summer school. At the moment she is away with her music group, then we have a week's family holiday, then she has a week's work experience then 5 days D of E expedition. She then had 1 week free before returning to school! She does need to sort out her draft Ucas statement too. Luckily she hasn't got any paid work this holiday but has 3/4 hours a week starting again in September. She is shattered at the moment so I am hoping she recharges her batteries this summer.

JustRichmal Fri 24-Jul-15 07:55:58

I think you have to have a talk with her of how and when she wants to do the work. Ask what is stopping her; does it seem like too much so she is just avoiding it? Is she worried A2 will be too difficult? Does she think there is plenty of time to rush through the work at the end of the holiday? If she is going to University next year she will have to learn independently, but that is next year and you still have this year to encourage her to develop good study skills. Try and get her to think of what she wants from the course and what career she is hoping for. In short, try and get her to realise for herself that it is important to her to put in the work.

puddingisgood Fri 24-Jul-15 08:09:57

The most strenuous thing my DS has done is wander from bedroom to kitchen and back, on a repeat loop.

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