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Current feedback needed urgently on Royal Alexandra and Albert School, Reigate

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Phaithy Thu 16-Jul-15 07:26:00

Hi, everyone
An urgent and desperate plea for advice:
My DS has unexpectedly been offered a place at this school for Y7 entry this September 2015. I say unexpectedly, because we were on the WL and are out of the catchment area for the school which I understood to be a 1 mile radius.
Whilst I am really pleased with the offer, some doubt has crept in through reading historical threads about the school which are overall less than positive. Bearing in mind we are not in the catchment area, does it mean that those who fall in the catchment area are not keen on the school? Why not?! My hubby thinks that we should be happy that our DS has the offer of a place and should just go for it, but I am unsure. ��
Can anyone give me current feedback about this school? I would love to hear from you if:
• your child is currently attending the school or has recently left
• you have recently accepted an offer of a place at the school (what persuaded you?)
• you have recently declined an offer of a place at this school (what put you off?)
I am really interested in current tales about the school, especially those that give me a sense of what type of child would thrive at this school. Any advice /comments/feedback would be gratefully accepted.
Thanks in advance!☺

Phaithy Mon 20-Jul-15 23:29:01

Hi, all
I would still love to hear from anyone at all about this school. Royal Alexandra and Albert, a.k.a RAAS in Reigate/Merstham.

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