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Poole Grammar vs Bournemouth vs private options

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Bythebeach Sun 12-Jul-15 20:39:22

Had assumed Bournemouth school was our number one option for DS1. I think this may have been a mistake as having visited during open evening last week, was shocked by how uninspiring I found the head and there was a great sense of results-driven sausage-factory about the place. I was not expecting it to be so rigid. I'd be very grateful for any thoughts from current parents or any knowledge of Poole Grammar or local-ish private alternatives (King Edwards Southampton perhaps?).

DS1 is very bright, sporty (rugby and sprinter), not bad musically - not currently good at nor into art and drama. Can flit between ideas and interests too quickly and needs to be really engaged to hold his interest but always pulls results out the bag in exams/tests so far. I want somewhere that goes beyond the curriculum not just in extra-curricular activities but academically and makes him think and be curious and learn from that. Any ideas where might suit him?

Thanks in advance.

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