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common entrance certificate

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inthename Sat 11-Jul-15 07:22:06

Can any one tell me what the wording is on their dc 13+ CE certificate from ISEB please. My ds says 'x has completed the course which leads to common entrance'
which I found slightly odd, or do they not bother putting anything else because each school marks differently!

LIZS Sat 11-Jul-15 10:48:12

I enter recall Ds even receiving a certificate, just a print out of the results.

LIZS Sat 11-Jul-15 10:49:05

Sorry don't

KingscoteStaff Sun 12-Jul-15 10:48:08

Yup, that's what DS's says too. We also have the print out from his destination school that gives his specific grades in each subject.

LIZS Sun 12-Jul-15 11:04:17

Anyone know if this a recent thing as Ds definitely hasn't had one from 2011?

inthename Tue 14-Jul-15 14:15:17

thanks, also have a print out. Lizs, think it may be recent as friend with an older dd didn't know.

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