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St Gabriel's school Newbury

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Halloween73 Wed 08-Jul-15 12:32:17

Hi, can anyone who has a dd at St Gabriel's let me know if they are happy there? Does anyone have any experience of their dd starting late, not at the normal year 7 entry? Also as it's an all girls school has anyone had friendship issues? I have a dd at a local state school who is having friendship issues and I am considering moving her. She will be starting year 9 in Sept. Thank you.

Lonecatwithkitten Wed 08-Jul-15 21:59:04

My daughter is just moving from the junior school into the senior school and I have friends with girls in older years.
I think any school that says there are never friendship issues are not telling the truth, but the tutor groups in the senior school are small 16-20 girls and all of the staff know all of the girls very well so are very aware of anything that is going on. Pastoral care is very strong each tutor group has two tutors (2:16-20) so there is a lot of individual attention.
There are often several girls who enter at year 9 and girls do enter other year groups then year 7. One entered year 11 last September.

Millymollymama Thu 09-Jul-15 16:51:53

I think where a school does not have a large intake in year 9 , you do need to be aware that the other girls will have formed friendships already. In my experience some girls will enjoy the company of a new girl and be very welcoming, but other groups may not be so inclusive and will seek to protect their self determined uniqueness. It really depends on the girls already in the year group but there are bound to be friendly ones, as in all schools. I am sure your DD will find her friendship group and be very happy.

Halloween73 Tue 14-Jul-15 19:25:42

Thank you Lonecatwithkitten, yes I agree I think particularly with girls there can be friendship issues. My dd is bright and academically doing well, but I do not want the friendship issues to start affecting her work. I was hoping it might blow over before the summer holidays but it hasn't. That's what I like about St Gabriel's that the pastoral care is good and small tutor groups. Like you say I think staff would be much more aware of any issues.

Millymollymamma, yes that's the other concern whether she would experience issues being a new girl when friendships are already formed. Her best friend from primary school goes there and she still sees her out of school. Obviously her friend already has friends there, so there is the worry that my dd daughter could encounter issues there. However she did say if she were to go there it would be better for her to be in a different tutor group to encourage her to make new friends. There's also the monetary side to consider if she didn't settle there! Thank you for your replies though I appreciate it. I'm new to Mumsnet so hadn't realised I'd had replies ��

Teach1ngMum Wed 16-Sep-15 22:57:27

Hi, if you haven't visited St Gabriel's yet there is an Open Day on Sat October 3rd from 9.30am. I really would encourage you to come along and see how friendly everyone is. I have just joined the school but I am impressed with the level of pastoral care and how well the tutors know their tutees. I'm sure the School Registrar will be delighted to provide you with further info. :-)

Halloween73 Fri 02-Oct-15 13:35:26

Thank you for your post Teach1ngMum, everybody says how brilliant the pastoral care at St Gabriel's is. It's lovely to hear that confirmed by a new teacher there. I have been to visit before so know how lovely the school is. I may pop in tomorrow for another look. It's a difficult one DD, seems to be a bit more settled now. The friendships that had broken down still have but at the moment there is no nastiness. I'm pretty certain that St Gabriel's would suit her down to the ground. However, the state school in Newbury she is at is a very good school. She's also now at quite a crucial point in her education year 9 soon to choose GCSE options. It's weighing up the risk of moving now and there are no guarantees she would be happier, plus settling in. Also the financial commitment, (I also have a dd in year 5 at primary school) which wouldn't be easy.

Csg2006 Thu 05-Nov-15 15:37:09

Hello, we are planning to relocate to Newbury next year and would like some advice on St Gabriels school, Newbury. My daughters are currently age 9 and 8. Does anyone have children in St Gabriels school who can please let us know if they are happy with the school in terms of education and the overall development of there children whilst they have been in this school?

Thank you in advance.

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