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school trousers - mid grey?

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inthename Fri 03-Jul-15 16:43:37

Daft question, if a school uniform list says trousers should be 'mid grey' does that mean charcoal grey or the lighter grey??

Millymollymama Fri 03-Jul-15 17:29:13

The lighter grey. I think charcoal would be dark grey.

notinminutenow Fri 03-Jul-15 18:21:42

Definitely the lighter grey. Ours is mid grey - charcoal is a definite no no!

inthename Fri 03-Jul-15 21:57:17

Thank you, does also say 'NOT black' which is what made wonder

notinminutenow Sat 04-Jul-15 09:03:05

Oh, I'd ask them then. My DS transferred from a 'charcoal' school to a 'mid grey'. I asked if his old trousers would be ok. Very firmly told no and was shown a sample of mid grey.

My child's school may just be a bit anal about these things though...

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