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Is this bullying?(sorry,long)

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TheBFGisme1234 Thu 02-Jul-15 20:46:15

My dd is 13 and feels slightly intimidated by a group of people in her year. She has also fallen out with one another f her best friends. Her "ex best friend" has been spreading rumours about my dd, consisting of all the things she has said about the popular group. For example, recently an anonymous note was given to a boy in her year telling them not to be friends with the popular group as they talk about him behind his back, my dd was blamed even though she did not write the note due to a rumour started by her ex best friend. The popular group upon hearing this rumour verbally attacked her as she left school, shouting at her "why did you write the note you loner?" And other abuse repeatedly. My dd walked away from this group, found some of her friends and walked home shaking. Would this popular group be bullying my dd? They are assuming every rumour about her is true and are verbally attacking her about issues surrounding these rumours.

inthename Thu 02-Jul-15 20:50:57

thats verbal bullying and needs to be bought to the attention of her form tutor and head of year as soon as possible before it gets any worse. Check your schools anti bullying policy for how they expect to be contacted and who is best to contact

Doonuts Thu 02-Jul-15 21:51:37

Yes it is. I hope it's resolved soon. Poor girl x

sunseeker66 Thu 02-Jul-15 22:12:07

Yes it is bullying, my dd has also just ended a friendship with a girl. She turned nasty and started saying that my DD was the one being mean and saying nasty stuff.

We went down to the school and saw the behaviour manager straight away and it was nipped in the bud before it had chance to get worse.

Hope it gets sorted out for your dd, some kids can be so cruel.

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