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Girl's private schools in North London

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almostfinished1514 Thu 02-Jul-15 13:33:54

I previously posted this under further education - But I don't know if that was the right topic...
My DD is currently in year 10 at a state school and although she insists that she loves her school, she is begging to move for 6th form. I am hesitant to allow her to move to another state school as her current state school performs very well at A levels so me and DH were thinking about somewhere private such as NLCS, Habs, Channing.
Dd is bright and academic (not an all-rounder though - she is very 'maths and sciency') although she doesn't always put in the effort. Her GCSE predictions are all A*/As. Does anyone have any advice/views on these schools or other similar schools near North West London/ Hertforshire?
She would be applying for a bursary and possibly an academic scholarship - does anyone know much about this in regards to the schools?

Needmoresleep Thu 02-Jul-15 14:01:48

It is worth phoning the schools and asking about the likely number of places and the availability of and requirements for bursaries. Each of these schools will lose some, eg to Westminster, and some may have additional places. Don't worry too much about all A*s. Its potential in her chosen subjects that will count.

Millymollymama Thu 02-Jul-15 14:45:34

The scholarships I know of are generally awarded to the very bright and a vast number if A*s would be the norm. Yes to potential but don't forget she will be competing against very gifted Asian students in the subjects you mention. She would need to be pretty outstanding to get a scholarship but a bursary may be more attainable depending upon your low income. There are other schools in Hertfordshire such as Queenswood that might be worth a look.

almostfinished1514 Thu 02-Jul-15 16:00:27

Needmoresleep - thanks, will do - But, just asking - don't conditional offers depend partially on predicted grades?
Millymollymama - DD is very good at 3 out of 4 of the subjects she wants to take. We live in London, so most schools in Hertfordshire are too far out - I'd only mind her not 'schlepping' if the school was very good - Queenswood didn't seem to be so academic....
I was mainly just thinking about the ones in London. Are there any very good Hertfordshire state schools?
Opinions on the London private schools?

Needmoresleep Thu 02-Jul-15 16:46:58

MMM, I disagree. OP mentions London Day schools. Did your DC really attend London day schools? They tend not to attract overseas boarders. Even Westminster, which does offer boarding, is not dominated by Asians and British educated girls are more than able to hold their own in the classroom. My understanding is that, even at Westminster, which is normally considered the most competitive sixth form, the GCSE results for new entrants is something like an average of 6A*s. Good, but not impossible for a bright girl.

OP you need to ask the schools. If they are setting entrance exams this is usually the main way they select. There will probably be a minimum requirement in terms of As/A*s, perhaps similar to that demanded by Grammar schools, and perhaps specific requirements in the subjects you want to study. However the important thing will be that a child has real potential in the subjects they want to study and would be interesting to teach.

You should also note that application deadlines for some (I think City, and certainly SPGS and Westminster, so probably some of the ones you mention) are quite early in the autumn term, eg much earlier than state school sixth form application dates. In terms of the entrance tests your daughter might find out more by asking on The Student Room.

Needmoresleep Thu 02-Jul-15 16:51:54

Ah, just found it, The Westminster requirement is:

"The GCSE/IGCSE requirement is a minimum of 8 passes at A grade, of which at least 4 are at A*, preferably in the subjects to be studied at A-level/Pre-U"

almostfinished1514 Thu 02-Jul-15 18:36:18

Needmoresleep - Dd's tried on TSR before but she never has much success...
I'm under the impression that Westminster has school on a Saturday... (please correct me if I'm wrong)She's stressed out going to school for five days a week - let alone 6!

Needmoresleep Thu 02-Jul-15 20:10:33

Yes Westminster has Saturday school. It has boarders and tends to operate much more like a traditional boarding school. One advantage though is that all girls are new in the sixth form.

Much of the sixth form movement within the private sector is from single sex to co-ed, with some from the smaller sixth forms to the larger more academic ones. Oddly bigger name schools often have more bursdary funds, which is why you need to ask the school. GDST schools, eg South Hampstead, tend not to have much bursary money though their fees are lower.

I'm not from north London however the most academic schools would normally be St Pauls Girls (if you can get to the Piccadilly line and then to Hammersmith), City of London Girls (which seems to produce happy girls, at least from the sample DD knows), Habs and North London Collegiate. Channing a bit less so. However it is always the right school for the child. Some all girls schools are seen as difficult for a less competitive or a more sensitive girl. (Though this applies less in sixth form as but then they are all doing different subjects so it is difficult to compare.) You might also look at Highgate which is co-ed.

However first step is to speak to the schools, then when you are a bit clearer about what might be possible, come back and ask about specific schools. Also open days will be at the start of next term and you will need to book.

In general though independent schools seem to like taking pupils from the state sector, in part because I suspect not that many apply.


almostfinished1514 Thu 02-Jul-15 21:56:22

Needmoresleep - the atmosphere at Westminster sounds good but I still wouldn't want her to go in on a Saturday - 1 day of 'rest' a week isn't enough!
SPGS is amazing but I doubt DD is bright enough to get in - It sounds very competitive!
DD really likes the look of City girls, so we'll see.
DD is adamant about not going to a co-ed school - she's been at co-ed schools since 2 and a half so I understand her want for a change of atmosphere...
We've already booked open days to a few schools so we'll know more when that happens.
Thanks again.

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